Transform, Scale, Zoom, and more: across browsers

mag-inIn the process of creating an internal tool for my team I found that trying to zoom an image and move it around was not as simply as a single “zoom” CSS attribute. While Chrome supports “zoom” and it works quite well, the other browsers don’t work consistently, especially if you store the zoom and position values in a script. I stored the positions on the images to be replayed and I found all kinds of inconsistencies across browsers.  What did work consistently is the  transform CSS property, but that brought another challenge.

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Add Google Map like grab and scroll to your web site with jQuery

DSCN3434Have you ever wanted to scroll a zoomed-in image around like Google Maps does? Then this plugin is for you!

Working on an internal project I found this very easy to implement plugin for jQuery called jquery-scrollview. I implemented it almost exactly as shown in the code on the Google site.


All software should implement CTRL+ and CTRL-

I must be a FireFox advocate or at least like the zoom in and out shortcuts because I find myself using CTRL+/- in many places like Notes, Symphony, etc.  The only problem is the keys do nothing in them!

Who is with me?