New Attachment viewer, with ZIP file support

The latest attachment viewer with source has been posted to OpenNTF, you can watch the video I posted a few days back to see how it works.  The OSGI extension model is also complete so anyone can now extend the viewer with more file types.  Hopefully the many implementations I have in the project will be good enough documentation for others.

You can drag the icon below to your My Widgets panel in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 or above.  You can watch a video that shows how to do this here.

Any issues with this version please email me directly – bob at

For reference, I have re-posted the video:

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Demo: Attachment viewer now supports Zip files

I have now completed the extension model for the attachment viewer and will hopefully be posting a new update to OpenNTF by end of week.  I had several people request ZIP file support so I went ahead and added it since Java comes with some pretty good API’s for ZIP files.  I used some basic HTML and created an index of the ZIP file contents with anchors to the actual zip entries.  The concept is the ZIP file would just act like a multiple selection but with an anchor index.  Check out the video where I show how it looks and works.

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