Get to know the IBM Commerce Business Partners

Next time you fee like bingeing on a video series you might want to check out the 68 IBM Commerce partners in this YouTube list. Break out the popcorn and open this list on your smart tv and just sit back and enjoy!

My YouTube channel year in review

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.35.13 AM

I really enjoyed making videos this year. I have gotten a lot better with the green screen and different production techniques. I really started taking advantage of on screen labels, animation, zoom ins and even did a few videos using a teleprompter, which I home made. If anyone is interested in know how I made it let me know and I can blog about it. I have really gotten better with Final Cut Pro X still find it absolutely amazing every time I learn a new trick – such quality software.

This year I produced 50 videos! It was an all time high for my channel. Now, you may not see all of the videos because some are not listed and are only available from a source link but most of those videos are public.

I had over 78,000 minutes watched with over 30,000 views. I gained 60 likes, thank you! I also gained over 100 new followers – I now have over 500 subscribers to my channel!

Happy New Year!

And thank you for watching my videos and all of your suggestions and interactions!



Here are the top 10 videos watched and the new likes in 2016 on my channel:

My top 10 videos on YouTube this year!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.28.16 AM

It is that time to reflect on the past year and this year I am starting with my YouTube channel. In case you missed any of these blockbuster hits you can watch them now!

This year I had over 32,000 views (up over 10,000 views from last yearThank You) on my YouTube channel and gained over 150 new followers. This is the first year where I had five videos over 5 minutes long in top ten. I still stand by the YouTube law that videos over 3 minutes rarely get fully watched but in the end content is king – so maybe I did something right with those 5. I gained 3% in audience retention from last year.

Only two of the top 10 videos were actually published this year (Editing and Saving CSS with Google Chrome and Data Load Utility in WebSphere Commerce Introduction) a 57 second video and a 14 minute video.

Most of my views believe it or not still come from external search (mostly Google) or YouTube search, accounting for almost 50% of my traffic sources.

Traffic source – Top 5 Views
External website 8,097 (25%)
YouTube search 7,301 (23%)
Unknown – embedded player 5,213 (16%)
Unknown – direct 3,861 (12%)
YouTube suggested video 3,191 (9.9%)

Before we get to the list let’s look at some demographics:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.39.34 AM

The United States and India are by far by largest viewership.

Geography Views
United States 10,305 (32%)
India 5,385 (17%)
United Kingdom 2,458 (7.6%)
Germany 1,790 (5.5%)
Canada 1,221 (3.8%)

I actually started published videos and content at my night-time so it is available to the east in their morning, I have already started seeing shifts in views – it will be interesting next year to see if it made any difference.

So here are the 2014 Top 10 videos:

Video Views
Quick Tip – Eclipse Auto-Complete 1,581 (4.9%)
eSpots and Precision Marketing with WebSphere Commerce 1,554 (4.8%)
Quick Tip: Getting The XPath In Google Chrome 1,498 (4.6%)
Aurora – the WebSphere Commerce Starter Store 1,359 (4.2%)
WebSphere Commerce – Extended Sites Part I 1,272 (3.9%)
Searchandizing with WebSphere Commerce 1,073 (3.3%)
Debug JavaScript and HTML in a UIWebView on an iOS Device 1,006 (3.1%)
Editing and Saving CSS with Google Chrome 978 (3.0%)
Data Load Utility in WebSphere Commerce Introduction 977 (3.0%)
IBM Digital Marketing Optimization (Coremetrics) Integration With WebSphere Commerce Part 1 965 (3.0%)

Who watches YouTube videos from their TV?

I love statistics and especially love them when something new starts to happen. This year something definitely changed with what devices people use to watch my videos. I have seen a huge growth in mobile and tablet however TV has now entered into the picture. Check out the table below for my 2014 statistics, TV is at .5 percent of my views. I wonder how much that will be this time next year.

Do you watch YouTube from your TV?

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 4.50.06 PM

Top 10 most popular videos about IBM BlueMix

These are currently the most viewed videos on YouTube about the IBM BlueMix platform:











Who is watching your videos on YouTube?

I understand the types of videos I make will never go viral as it is a niche channel but I am always interested in finding new ways to have broader coverage. I have monitored things like the video retention rate and have attempted to make the videos somewhat compelling along the way to keep the retention high throughout the video however I often find the results are variable and still don’t have it down completely.

I see I have a fairly large viewership in the US and India, and not bad in the UK, Canada, and Brazil but then its starts to decline pretty quickly.

I promote the videos here on this blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, and even Facebook. So the question I have is, how do you get more viewers in these other countries? Are there other social platforms I should be targeting to get the “word out” on? What social networks do you publicize your videos on in these other countries?

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.35.32 AM

Top 20 videos on my YouTube channel in 2013

youtubeCompared to last year, my YouTube channel received 4,000 more views this year. With a total of 22,432 views I think I can say it was a pretty good year so thank you for watching!

I learned a lot this year with my YouTube channel. I learned that the shorter the video, the better. I saw a drastic drop in retention after the 3 minute mark in most videos 3 minutes or more. I also noticed that the Asia viewers have a much higher retention than all other countries. I gained 122 subscribers this year, almost doubling my subscribers from last year – once again thank you!

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YouTubes Automatic Closed Caption is pretty funny

ccIn a recent discussion with Ben Langhinrichs on Facebook about closed captions on our YouTube videos I decided to look into it. Ben also produced a video on how to put custom closed captions in your videos, you can check that video out here, it is a pretty good technique.

What I found interesting, well actually funny, was what the auto closed caption did for one of my videos. I watched the Searchandizing with WebSphere Commerce video and turned on closed captioning – I know see why Ben provides his own script!

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Introducing my new Commerce channel on Youtube

commerce-channelI have a collection of videos on my YouTube channel and most of my recent ones are about commerce and more specifically WebSphere Commerce. The commerce related videos are similar to what we would show to a customer in a meeting or at a conference but in a smaller scope and generalized.

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