IBM Mobile Web Push (Reactor) – Stats for my blog campaign

Earlier this month I put a spot on my blog header that shows some key articles, links, or messages I think are important to my readers. I used a bit of jQuery and four campaigns running in the IBM Mobile Web Push Reactive Campaign Manager to have this dynamic content provided.


The different lines of text are changed every five seconds using jQuery animation. I have tracked the stats of these campaigns over the past month to see how well this area on my blog is noticed by my readers. Since the header shows on every page, including single posts, it is definitely getting a lot of exposure. The results however, are not as good as one (me) might have thought.

Campaign Stats

As you can see from the chart for roughly 20 days I had just over 3,000 unique visitors with over 12,000 notifications triggered and only 9 notifications clicked. That results in 0.07 percent click-through rate. Now, because it is a blog and my readers probably have already read some of the things in my campaigns, I can understand the lack of click-through rates. I can also use the report tool to see the performance by campaign, for instance, my top performing link was the “Promote GreenWheels” campaign that was a simple line of text:

Have you seen the GreenWheels demo yet? Watch itĀ here.

This campaign had a click-through rate of 0.12 percent – woo hoo!


What I plan on doing going forward is linking to other content on the internet I find interesting and see how that works. The great thing about using the Reactor API’s is I never write code and just use the campaign manager tool to push new content to the header.

These are the four campaigns currently running:


You can get started pretty easily with IBM Mobile Web Push with the 30 day trial – click here to start your trial today.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I share the code I used in my WordPress site!


Check out my latest DeveloperWorks article on another integration with WebSphere Commerce

Integrating IBM Mobile Web Push with WebSphere Commercemobile-push_fig1

“IBM Mobile Web Push is a messaging platform that pushes marketing offers to mobile devices and websites. With Mobile Web Push, you can dynamically trigger content for display on mobile devices and websites that is based on a visitor’s actions. Mobile Web Push runs on an event-driven API called Reactor. When a mobile user interacts with your mobile website, page or click events are sent to a back-end Reactor server. The user then receives offers based on the rules that are defined on the server.” – link


The Smarter Commerce Summit 2014 GreenWheels Demonstration Video is now online!

ibm_smarter_commerce-300x280If you missed the IBM Smarter Commerce Solution Center demo “GreenWheels” you can watch the story of Katie below. This is fairly comprehensive demonstration that shows WebSphere Commerce and several other IBM products integrated for a seamless customer experience.

Some key highlights of the demo:

  • Responsive design for web, mobile, tablet.
  • IBM Connections surfaced through WebSphere Content Manager for the community
  • Order Management for store inventory visibility, buy online pickup in store, and pickup and pay in store.
  • Centralized offer management using IBM (Unica) Interact
  • Digital Analytic’s for “wisdom of the crowd” product recommendations.
  • eMessage for email campaigns
  • IBM Mobile Web Push for Rich notifications to mobile device

This demo walks through the experience of Katie – a consumer wanting to buy a new bike from the fictional Greenwheels company We will show Katie’s experience as she goes from interested consumer to passionate brand ambassador.

Greenwheels uses IBM’s solution for delivering exceptional & contextual customer experiences.

Xtify: Measuring my campaigns performance

I have been running the Xtify reactor on my blog now for a few weeks. I have already seen a couple of the campaigns working well. For instance, the “Subscribe to my blog” message has received many clicks and a few new subscriptions – so thank you!


While I am not getting very high percentages on the click throughs the impressions seem to be a lot. Not sure if this is welcome or not, I guess time will tell. If you have an opinion on the popup please share here! Here is the cool campaign report I can look at to see a few metrics like First Time Visits, Notifications Triggered, Notifications Clicked, and Click Through Rate. Here is the report for the past seven days:


Xtify is now running on my blog!

xtify-iphoneSo I am playing around with Xtify and I pretty impressed with this technology and I am even more impressed with management of the messages/alerts. Don’t know what Xtify is? Watch the video at the end of this blog post.

I simply went to and signed up for the freeĀ Reactor service. The service is free if you stay below the 5,000 views per month. Unfortunately my blog gets a lot more than that so we will see what happens.

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