Free “Mastering XPages” book!

I am offering my copy of “Mastering XPages” by the amazing team of Martin Donnelly, Mark Wallace, and Tony McGuckin to the first responder of this point. Please email me at bob [at] The only catch is you pay for shipping and handling.

Paul Withers: King of Dojo charting in XPages??

After my last post I also noticed Paul posted a pretty nice tutorial on the XPages Wiki. The formatting is really bad and I am sure it’s not Paul’s fault but the content is pretty good. Check out his article on the XPages Wiki.

This article intends to provide developers with an understanding of how to integrate the dojox charting classes into XPages to generate a functionally rich chart in a variety of formats. By stepping through the code and providing a sample database, I will show you how to add colour themes, customise axes, and generate tooltips and legends. The intention is that you are able to build customer-ready charts quickly with a level of knowledge to be able to dig deeper if required. You can see the charts online here:

Book Review: Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language

When I first got this book in the mail I was blown away with the size of it. I was shocked to see the 750 page book on my desk and the first thing I thought was, oh great another massive book that will just take up space. Boy was I wrong!

This is one of the best authored technical books I have had the pleasure to read. Very well structured, well written, and extremely easy to follow. XPages is not the simplest thing to understand and this book does a great job in showing you how easy and amazing the XPages technology really is. From basic to very advanced topics, this book is literally for any skill level as it will definitely end up being an invaluable reference for all of your projects.

Review on Amazon (link):

XPages itself is a marvel in the rapid application development space and this book carries suit. I got the book about two weeks ago and have already read most of it and have created many of the reference projects to play with. The best thing I like about the book is it is the real thing. From installing Domino Designer to a full reference section, the book covers anything and everything related to learning XPages, XSP, and even the Domino document model. This is hands down the single best resource I can find for learning the technology. The authors did a wonderful job explaining every aspect of XPages development. I have been personally doing a lot of web based development in Dojo and the way XPages integrates with Dojo is brilliant. You will inherently learn about the capabilities of Dojo just by reading this book, and there is an entire section dedicated to Dojo. This book is much more than just a book about XPages and XSP, it clearly shows how RAD based development for web based projects should be done. With this book you will hit on every major aspect of enterprise web development: internationalization, security, performance, extensibility and themes. They even cover running your applications off line in the Lotus Notes client!

For the Lotus Notes developer it shows how you can leverage your knowledge of the Domino platform, agents, formula language, and the back-end classes. This is not your traditional Domino development world so be prepared to learn a new approach but leverage what you already know.

Great job to the authors, Martin, Mark, and Tony for this information packed, 750 page gem of knowledge!

Want to learn XPages?

Then you need to check out at least two great business partner sites with some awesome videos and tutorials: from Elguji Software a series of free video tutorials

The first site is actually a company that does in house training and also offers development services and solutions with XPages.  These sites are very well known in the Lotus bubble and in my opinion are invaluable to anyone interested in learning this great technology.  With XPages you can not only create great web based applications but starting in Notes 8.5.1 you can also create some pretty compelling applications for the Notes client – a true write once use everywhere architecture.

Open Social Templates are very cool

If you get a chance, check out the Open Social templates. It is similar to Dojo templating and XPages. It carries a lot of similarities and I think it adds some interesting semantics to writing web applications. You can check it out here or play with it below.

Will you develop client components using XPages?

In Lotus Notes 8.5.1 you can now create first class components using XPages as the primary user interface technology.  This means you can now create full blown XPages applications or components (for composite applications and the sidebar).  So the question is, are you looking to create XPage based components for the Notes client?

Would Domino benefit from an embedded PHP stack?

So Domino has JSP based technology in the form of XPages.   When I read the InfoWorld article title “7 Programming Languages on the Rise” and saw PHP on there I was not surprised.  Pretty much everything I do on the web (outside of work) is based on PHP.  My blog, the tools I use for my site, etc.

Has anyone thought if PHP would benefit the Domino server, the Lotus community and application development model for Domino?  I can imagine PHP being just another kind of page in an NSF.  Same kinds of libraries, controls, and themes XPages has but all based on PHP.  We could even have things like a WordPress template – the WordPress application based on NSF.

YouTube Channel feed for XPages

I posted an entry about the new Videos page on my site and I was chatting to Joyce Davis (from LTIEC Blog) about an idea I had.  What do you think about a new XPage custom control that basically does the same thing as the PHP I described in the last post?

The idea is you would just provide that same parameters as the PHP line to have a list of videos show from the channel.  You could even provide options like vertical or horizontal alignment of the videos.  This could then be contributed to OpenNTF in the end.

Thoughts? is the real deal

I have to hand it to David Leedy for creating what I consider some pretty amazing videos.  I watched the first eight videos and plan to watch the rest very soon. Very clear, concise and to the point!  I guess they are not listed from beginner to advanced but it does appear to get right to the point on every subject.  He doesn’t have a British accent but his voice is pretty good.

I love this kind of stuff because I just play them while on the treadmill, way cool!  If you want to learn XPages the visual way then this is the place to be!

Check out today.