Integrated content management and WebSphere Commerce Workspaces!


One of the really big problems in the eCommerce space is you may have a custom or enterprise content management system and a really great eCommerce platform like WebSphere Commerce but the two are rarely ever connected into a singleĀ approval process. Workspaces are essentially the “sandbox” and approval process for publishing products, content, etc to your site where you can schedule it to be released on a particular day after approval – or have it released on approval. The workspace is sort of a sandbox of changes where a team can work on the site collaboratively and see the other changes in the system.

You may recall this video series I did about CoreMedia’s Live Context integration with WebSphere Commerce about a year ago, click here for the video series. Well, CoreMedia is back and with an even more important integration in my opinion – Workspaces!

In this video I show how CoreMedia Live Context has been integrated with WebSphere Commerce Workspaces for approval flow and staging.

Workspaces just got better in WebSphere Commerce FP3

Feature pack 3 for WebSphere Commerce 7 put in what I consider a great feature into the Management Center.

Workspaces in Management Center allow for approval work flow of content for the marketing team. This means different people can be assigned tasks and then upon approval the manager of the team can have the content automatically published or scheduled to be published.

One key missing piece in the prior release was a way for the approval manager to see exactly what changes have been made in a particular task. Well, ask no more. In Feature Pack 3 there is now a History tab where you can see all of the changes (transactions) that would be published.

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