Quickly minimize all other windows with this simple shake gesture

Windows7logoOk, so I was actually creating another video and I was trying to highlight a window by quickly dragging it around and all the other windows disappeared!

So then I did some searching around and its a feature of Windows 7! Check out the explanation here.

Check out this quick tip video to see this feature in action:


Windows 8 Upgrade – A new beginning

Since the world is coming to an end this week, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 8. The install was seamless as I opted for the download version. A couple of reboots and my machine had a new look and feel. Unless you want a completely new Windows experience, I would not recommend this upgrade. If you are adventurous and like new things it looks like its a pretty polished upgrade.

It it going to take me a bit to get use to the operating system. The user interface is very responsive and kind of intuitive. The worst part of the process, and I may have messed this up, is it took all of my old applications and put them in a Windows.old folder. I had to essentially re-install all of my applications. It did preserve all of my data (the My Documents folder) and all of my songs, pictures, etc. I find navigation a little strange right now but I am slowly getting use to it. I also have to figure out how to get my Lenovo W500 Fingerprint reader working as Lenovo does not have a Windows 8 driver for it yet. Outside of that little problem everything seems to be working great!

By the way, I agree with Joe, the Windows 8 Logo is a disaster.

Mac and Linux update on the Attachment Viewer 2.0 for Lotus Notes

After getting some feedback from the prior post (thanks everyone), I will need to move the Microsoft Office Viewer code into an Eclipse fragment. This will allow me (and maybe others) to write a Mac and Linux (good luck there) version for the Office files by creating additional fragments. If you haven’t seen the video please watch it and if you like it then make sure you give me a thumbs up on YouTube!