Mixing cloud and on premise with WildFire

A big topic in the industry is enterprises mixing cloud and on premise data and what should and should not be supported.    I don’t really have many business related cloud sites today but I am seeing more work related posts on most sites.  I do get a lot of good Lotus community information from Twitter and LinkedIn and now I am actually starting to see more and more stuff on Facebook that is work related.

The problem is I am now seeing things I don’t consider “work related” show in my Notes client.  This could be bad if I happen to have this open in a meeting and someone posts something that is not appropriate.  I have to decide if Facebook is going to stay or not.  It would be great to have WildFire be able to block certain posts from a specific person or service.  Maybe that is a feature request ISW??

Now, I have our internal IBM Connections site added to the list so it will be interesting to see the value that brings.  I have to save this is very cool to see the communications come to me in a real time manner.

Once again, great job ISW!

Must have social plugin for Lotus Notes

At this point, there are many plug-ins available for Lotus Notes.  Since the Lotus Notes 8.0 release the Notes client has been pushed into the world of Eclipse plug-ins and re-usable Java code.

Today I am going to introduce, for those who may not know it already, what I consider one of the coolest social plug-in for the Notes client – it is WildFire by ISW.  The plug-in is great from many perspectives but the key things I like best are these:

  1. The preference screen!  Well done ISW!  You made it dead simple for me to “connect” to the different social networks out there.
  2. The UI.  Having all of my “feeds” coming to one place in the side bar is very nice

So you have a chance to check it out then do it!