The much anticipated Feature Pack 7 for WebSphere Commerce is here!

wc-composerFeature Pack 7, or FEP7, is probably the most ambitious delivery for the WebSphere Commerce team in the version 7 time. I heavily blogged and created videos for FEP5 and FEP6 which provided the stepping stone for the new IBM Commerce Composer feature.

The new Commerce Composer tool in Management Center puts the power to create new store pages and design page layouts in the hands of business users. By using a library of prebuilt layout templates and widgets, business users can quickly create and assemble pages directly in Management Center, without involving IT – link

This makes WebSphere Commerce a lot closer to a content management system more than ever. Allowing business users to create and layout pages without the help of IT is a big deal. Another key feature that will surely raise some eyebrows is the native ability to fully integrate with other content management systems. For instance,  if WebSphere Commerce is integrated with IBM Web Content Manager, you can use content from IBM Web Content Manager content libraries with Management Center objects (link).

Make sure you watch the new video on the Commerce Composer in the InfoCenter here.



Setting up Tiered Promotions In WebSphere Commerce

tieredpromotionsIn this demonstration I show how easy it is to setup a tiered promotion in WebSphere Commerce. I schedule the promotion to be active on December 25th and then use the site preview functionality to test the site on that day.

A tiered promotion is where you give bigger discounts for more money spent. In this video I show how to setup a site wide promotion (all products) with a discount tier.

Also, I actually forgot to publish this last month so the dates mentioned in the video are from early December.