Video: Create Omni-channel Content with IBM Watson Content Hub


Fellow IBMer, Dr Thomas Stober, has posted a really good video about IBM Watson Content Hub (WCH). While it is 24 minutes long, I believe it is well worth it, especially for the CTO/CIO/VP or Director of development of web sites or eCommerce sites. Thomas lays out the various ways WCH can be implemented while covering the cool cognitive features Watson brings to the software. From headless implementations to full web site creation with pages, components, and content using REACT or Angular, Thomas covers a lot in this video. So get out the popcorn and sit back and watch how cool WCH is and what it can do for your business.



Developing a web site on Watson Content Hub

We just published a brand new step-by-step guide for creating your own site on Watson Content Hub.

The IBM Watson Content Hub Trial and Standard editions include features that help you create websites, and include a pre-installed fictitious sample website “Oslo. Oslo is a responsive sample website that illustrates what you can create by using Watson Content Hub. You can use the sample site as a starting point for customizing your own website. Work with your team to develop a website that will engage customers and drive business to your site. Follow this roadmap to get started with building and developing your own website with Watson Content Hub Standard edition. – link

The great news is the Oslo sample site is not only responsive but we also provide two samples of it, one written with React, Angular, and  Vue – which are all available for download from within the article from GitHub.


Taking advantage of user generated content with Stackla and Watson Content Hub

In this episode of Partner Connect I introduce Stackla – a content discovery engine focused on user generated content. I also share a prototype video created by my colleague Rob Enright who does a fantastic job showing how easy it is to use Stackla and integrate it with Watson Content Hub.