Must have links for the virtual eCommerce world

I often get asked both internally to IBM and external how I keep up with the many trends in the eCommerce world. When I made the change over to the WebSphere Commerce team I wanted to be running in the new space (to me) very quickly. I created a few things that have helped me get up to speed very quickly in this industry and now I use these tools to not only learn new things in this space but evangelize best practices, stories, and direction. So below you will see what I currently use to keep in touch with customers, business partners, and other IBMer’s in this space:


The eCommerce Daily – an aggregation of most everything you see below this point in this post.

Smarter Commerce Blog – Mentioned below also, this is where IBM’s thought leadership shines in the Smarter Commerce space.

WebSphere Commerce InfoCenter – THE place to go for product information, tutorials, and any product related information for WebSphere Commerce. – great site for everything “e”, including eCommerce.

Mashable – everything social including social for commerce.


This tool is invaluable. A few ID’s worth following in this space:

@bobbalfe – Me! Yeah I know that is kind of cheezy but I am always retweeting or tweeting the many different things I see on the net related to commerce.

@IBMsmrtcommerce¬†– The Official IBM Smarter Commerce Twitter ID. You will get a lot of great information and Tweets for the Smarter Commerce Blog. Many of the IBM Leadership team is using this blog for thought leadership posts in the commerce space. You can also search Twitter for “Smarter Commerce” and get the different ID’s for other countries and regions.

@bobbalfe/commerce – This is a list of people and companies that I feel provide a lot of great information in this space. If you feel you should be on this list just friend me on Twitter and send me a message. The list is pretty selective and you really need to inform/educate about commerce. Some key mentions on this list:


This list is primarily for WebSphere Commerce because I use this to give feedback on anything related to WebSphere Commerce and I also post a lot of links and videos here. I stay pretty active and subscribe to the groups via email. This way I only go to the group to answer specific things that I can or see conversations that interest me.

IBM Websphere Commerce

Retail Industry Professionals Group

WebSphere Commerce Experts

Websphere Commerce Professionals

WebSphere Commerce Specialists

WebSphere Gurus Inc.

Websphere Professionals Group

WebSphere SME’s

Websphere Software Specialist Group


I do a lot of Commerce related videos and so do a few others.

bobbalfe – My channel is around WebSphere Commerce administration for marketing types, some developer videos and a few of my older videos focused on Eclipse and Lotus products.

IBM – of course the IBM channel but you will get a lot of videos for the entire IBM portfolio so you may have to search around.

RoyalCyberSolutions Рa lot of great videos about IBM technology and not necessarily limited to commerce.

nehadas85 – This is a relatively new channel and also focuses on WebSphere Commerce related content.