Introducing my new Commerce channel on Youtube

commerce-channelI have a collection of videos on my YouTube channel and most of my recent ones are about commerce and more specifically WebSphere Commerce. The commerce related videos are similar to what we would show to a customer in a meeting or at a conference but in a smaller scope and generalized.

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In this next video in the series I show how eMarketing spots can be used to drive products, promotions, cross-sell, up-sell and content throughout your site. The easy to use interface of the Management Center enables non-IT business users to essentially define a large portion of the eCommerce site. This is another great feature that sets WebSphere Commerce above the competition. Using the rules based system and activities you can schedule content for specific demographics or have the content tied to the customer activity.

Websphere Commerce introduction videos

Want to learn about Websphere Commerce? Then you need to check out this awesome resource from the IBM Education Assistant site. You can jump right to version seven but you might want to go through version six first as it assumes you know about version six. I just started diving on this stuff so starting with version six is a must for me, it literally looks like hours of tutorials ahead. You can also follow IBM Education Assistant on Twitter.

IBM Education Assistant is a collection of multimedia educational modules designed to help you gain a better understanding of IBM software products.

YouTube, VideoFest, the iPhone and a treadmill

I have to say I love VideoFest!  Since its launch I have actually started doing something that seems to be a no-brainer but I had not done before.  That is, watching YouTube videos on my iPhone while on the treadmill!  Yep, I love it.  I have now done it for almost two weeks and I have watched dozens of videos at this point and have learned a lot.

I have also found that I really like the “raw video” – ie. videos created by normal people describing tips, tricks, or something about a product.  Most seem like they are roughly scripted but for the most part you are hearing it from their heart and their experience.

So if you have an iPod and a treadmill why not stay fit and learn at the same time! is the real deal

I have to hand it to David Leedy for creating what I consider some pretty amazing videos.  I watched the first eight videos and plan to watch the rest very soon. Very clear, concise and to the point!  I guess they are not listed from beginner to advanced but it does appear to get right to the point on every subject.  He doesn’t have a British accent but his voice is pretty good.

I love this kind of stuff because I just play them while on the treadmill, way cool!  If you want to learn XPages the visual way then this is the place to be!

Check out today.

Where are all of the best XPage videos?

I have seen a lot of XPage videos over the past couple of years.  If I was to point a person who is interested in learning XPages with videos where would they start?  Even if you search YouTube for just XPages you get a ton of hits but nothing in a specific order.  I also checked out the XPages Wiki and it certainly has a getting started area but doesn’t reference any of these videos I have seen.

Has anyone compiled a list of videos and put them in a “start here” to “advanced” order?  I think this would be a great addition to

Lotus VideoFest – make sure you attend!

I know this is in question to promote Facebook events on my blog but hey, many of my readers are not my friend on Facebook so oh well!  It is also on the Lotus site, see below.

A virtual event hosted by the Lotus Information Development team aimed at encouraging customers, business partners, and IBMers to create informational videos and share them on the Lotus product wikis.

VideoFest starts October 26, 2010 and will culminate at Lotusphere (Jan 30 – Feb 3, 2011) when the videos are highlighted.

This is your chance to be spotlighted at Lotusphere, whether or not you attend!

To hear more about this event feel free to join our community meeting where we’ll be kicking off the event:

You can also find more information on our VideoFest web site:

Messing around with Dojo and reading a new book!

After attending Dojo.connect() conference I decided to review a couple of more books for Packt Publishing.  The first one I am reviewing is Learning Dojo by Peter Svensson.   I am only 6 chapters in and I am finding the book to be extremely helpful.  It goes at what I consider a slow and in-depth pace – which is exactly what I look for when I am learning something new.   I figured I would start to put some of the stuff to practice so I created a videos section on my site.  I started by using JSP technology mixed with basic JavaScript, Dojo and some CSS.  For the most part the Fisheye dijit is pretty much the example, found here but with a few modifications.

One thing I don’t like so far with the site is the embedded video players.  I uploaded some MP4’s from the video camera my kids got for Christmas and they are very large files.  I really need to convert them to lower resolution MPG’s so they are not so large.  It seems IE is also having problems with some of the videos – still need to check that out.

Once I finish with this book I will be posting my review – so far it is going very well.  I am then going to check out Learning jQuery 1.3.