Get to know the IBM Commerce Business Partners

Next time you fee like bingeing on a video series you might want to check out the 68 IBM Commerce partners in this YouTube list. Break out the popcorn and open this list on your smart tv and just sit back and enjoy!

Top 10 most popular videos about IBM BlueMix

These are currently the most viewed videos on YouTube about the IBM BlueMix platform:











Mind Map: 22 Best Open Source Apps for Music and Video Editing!

How cool is this? The folks over at Sound Stage Studios put this interactive mind map together to highlight the 22 Best Open Source Applications for editing video and music. Click on the image below to see the live code:


New Video: Integrating IBM Mobile Web Push and WebSphere Commerce

targeted messageMarketing people usually only have control over the layout of an eCommerce page and other things like pop-up advertisements or slide in advertisements are controlled by third party plug-ins. IBM Mobile Web Push integrates pretty easily with existing web sites because it’s really just a JavaScript include; however, it also allows you to completely control the end-user experience as I show below.

In this video I show how I integrated IBM Mobile Web Push and WebSphere Commerce using basic jQuery and a few marketing campaigns to target product categories. There will be an article on developerWorks published soon, walking you through this implementation so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions please let me know!

Playing with Final Cut Pro X and my new green screen

I had the 30 day trial version of several different video authoring programs and I finally decided on Final Cut Pro X. It seemed to me by far the most comprehensive and feature rich tool and while the price was somewhere in the middle, it wasn’t cheap – especially for a hobby. You may have noticed my last two videos on YouTube had some titles, an ending, and even a little bit of green screen in them.

Final Cut Pro X

As an advocate of “free education” I loved the fact I could search YouTube and get all kinds of great tips to learn how to use it. Tips from setting up a very cheap green screen (and lighting it) to actual feature tips for Final Cut Pro X are all on YouTube – so for that I thank you!  Here are some of the ones I watched:

I have already done a cool video with my son for a school project he had where he gave the weather on Saturn – he loved it!

The first video I created with the software was the new CKEditor in WebSphere Commerce video:

The entire CoreMedia and WebSphere Commerce video series

I created a play list for the CoreMedia and WebSphere Commerce video series on YouTube. This way you can binge on these videos in the order they were created. Granted it is no Lord of the Rings series but it could fit in a half hour block on TV being about 28 minutes – the good news is there are no commercials!

Rewarding customers with stackable promotions

stackable-promotionsSome stores do this but I have not seen a lot of online stores that do this today and I really don’t understand why they don’t. The closest thing I have experienced to “stacking promotions” is the use of a Macy’s credit card and applying some coupons they sent me in the mail on top of the order. At times I am shocked at the total discount and sure as heck it keeps me going back to Macy’s because of it! So why not online? Why don’t more eCommerce sites offer the ability to stack promotions. Well if your site is based on WebSphere Commerce then its as easy as pie to do. Check out the video below to see the administration and customer experience for stackable promotions. I also give a glimpse into my next video about digital wallets.

Weaving products and marketing material together with CoreMedia

cm-marketingcontentIn this next video in the CoreMedia integration with WebSphere Commerce I show how easy it is to place marketing content with products on a landing page. This concept enhances the overall brand experience for our customer, creating a pleasing look and feel where products and content sit next to each other. I play with a couple of layout variants in the video to show the simplicity of this feature.

You can learn more about CoreMedia and their LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce at their site, click here.


Creating a banner with CoreMedia Content Management System

In this next video in the series, I show how easy it is to create a banner using CoreMedia. CoreMedia allows you to define the proper cropping for the different aspect ratios the banner could be displayed in. I also show how easy it is to create a text overlay and link it to our kids micro site.

You can learn more about CoreMedia and their LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce at their site, click here.


New video showing CoreMedia Content Management with WebSphere Commerce – eSpots!

Coremedia CMSContent management is a big deal in the online commerce space. Having the right tools and techniques along with the right underlying technology can enable your marketing team to create an amazing experience for your customers.

This is the first post in a series of videos I have planned with the CoreMedia Content Management product.

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