Brilliant selection UI!

I am not sure how many have watched the video links I referenced yesterday about the Dojo Web Builder but one thing I immediately noticed in the first video is the brilliant selection UI. I love how you select the different elements and the elements selected are shown in a side panel where you can remove them and reference what has been selected! Brilliant! I wish this was in Lotus Notes years ago when I would select many documents across pages of entries of a view and then wanted to copy them to a table. This kind of user interface would have been awesome.


Dojo Web Builder – Custom Builds from Dojo Toolkit on Vimeo.


Getting the most from the Notes Java UI API’s

If you are doing any plugin development for Lotus Notes then you need to check out the OpenNTF project Java UI API Exerciser. The project is a pretty good reference and usage of the Java API’s we will be talking about at Lotusphere. The tool can also be used to inspect documents, views, etc and the different properties each of them have in the Eclipse world.