Adding a dynamic global button to the Notes toolbar

Last week I posted an update to the Mail Rule Utilities on OpenNTF.  The primary change, as I wrote about, was to move the icon to the global toolbar in Notes.  I not only did this but I also put a condition in the logic to only be visible when certain views have focus.  One can argue if this was or was not the right thing to do in this specific case but I figure I would play around a little.  You can get the source files right from the release download on the OpenNTF site for reference.  A big advantage to moving to an Eclipse based product is adding stuff like this to the product is easy and common across all Eclipse products.  The two extensions used are basic Eclipse extensions that Lotus Notes inherits for free.

You start by declaring your action set using the org.eclipse.ui.actionSets extension in the plugin.xml:

         label="Mail Tools">
         label="Run Mail Rules">

         label="&amp;Run Mail Rules"
         tooltip="Run Mail Rules"

You then need to associate it with a view part using the org.eclipse.ui.actionSetPartAssociations extension:

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.actionSetPartAssociations">
     <actionSetPartAssociation targetID="">
         <part id="" />
         <part id=""/>
         <part id=""/>


Labs for “Eclipse, extensions, composites and XPages!” are now available!

ad202-screenshotAs promised a couple of weeks ago, the labs I orchestrated in Germany last week are now available for broader consumption.  The lab is available on Developer Works in a new activity named Developer Kit-in-a-box in Lotus Application Development Group.  The labs are in the section under Composite Applications, the link directly to the material is here.

You will have to login to developer works in order to get at this content.  I am looking forward to seeing the feedback and contributions from partners and customers in this activity.
Direct Link – click here.

More structured Tutorials page on Wiki for new users.

I went ahead and changed the Tutorials page on the Composite Application Wiki.  The page now has a couple of sections at the top to get people started.  With 25 tutorials I can see it be pretty difficult to “get started” in this area so hopefully this helps.  Any other suggestions on things like this are great so keep them coming.

Referenced page is here.

What’s new in Composite Applications in Notes 8.5.1/Expeditor 6.2.1!!!

I just published this all around “What’s New” document hitting the various areas with some basic screen shots and a short description.  What is probably more valuable is the Wiki Articles index at the end of the document.  It outlines based on area the different articles that were posted for 8.5.1 education.  The 18 articles/tutorials are designed to walk you through a particular feature – most are in tutorial format with a step by step process and should be able to be completed under 20 minutes.

There will be many more articles coming as we already have several in the pipeline.  If you want documentation or a tutorial on a specific area let me know or post it on the Wiki as a suggestion.

Linked article:

What’s new in Composite Applications in Notes 8.5.1/Expeditor 6.2.1

Introduction to custom actions and a new OpenNTF project

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 offers a wide range of extensibility and one of the new exciting features is custom actions.  This is an easy way to add function to any container type with basic Java.  We have just published a new article on the CA Wiki (Introduction to custom actions) that does a pretty in depth walk through of what custom actions are and how you can use them to add functionality to any of the containers (Web browser, Notes View, Notes Document, Symphony, HOD, etc).  Unlike the other tutorials that showed you how to implement different custom actions for specific containers, this one is more general and explains the overall architecture.

Lastly, we have also introduced a new OpenNTF project for a custom actions library.  While we have many ideas for actions currently we will immediately be opening this project up to customers and business partners for input and contribution.

Check out the new article here.

Check out the new OpenNTF project here.

If you want to learn more about actual custom action samples you can check out these other two tutorials that were posted previously:

Creating custom actions in java

Extending the Notes View container with a custom action

Create a custom container action that executes JavaScript.

Extending the Notes View Container with a “Run Agent” custom action

Composite Application tutorials/labs

You can see on the Composite Application Wiki there is a category for tutorials (which currently has 10 tutorials).  Post Notes 8.5.1 the composite application team will be posting a series of tutorials and labs on this wiki to cover the 8.5/8.5.1 content.

What I would like is to get any suggestions on what kind of tutorials you would like to see.  Granted only business partners know what is being delivered in 8.5.1 I do think there is a lot of missing material for 8.0-8.5.  All suggestions are welcome.

Here is the preliminary list of what we are considering:

  • Extending the Notes View container with a custom action
    • Learn how to extend the Notes view container with your own custom action.
  • Social Dashboard Tutorial
    • Using Lotus Notes and Web containers create a Social Dashboard
  • Clone perspectives that can be persisted
    • The new cloning API’s offers all kinds of possibilities, learn how to use them here.
  • Creating a new generic container
    • Writing your own generic container.
  • Creating custom actions in java
    • Learn how to extend the containers with new actions written in Java.
  • Side Shelf tutorial
    • Wire to and control the side shelf from your composite application
  • Notes view container
    • Understanding the Notes view and PIM containers
  • Creating a basic web component
    • Using the new tooling in 8.5.1 to define new web based components with input and output properties.
  • BabbleFish using custom action’s execute JavaScript
    • Learn to define custom actions that can execute JavaScript on a web page from within a CA
  • Side by Side calendar editing
    • Using the Notes Document container in your composite application
  • BabbleFish text selection
    • extending Notes text selection to call component actions
  • Using the Notes PIM and Notes View containers in composite applications