3D animations with an amazing free tool

There is a side of me that has a huge interest in virtual reality, 3D modeling, and gaming. It has always has been a hobby to do this kind of stuff and as the open source community grows and the tools and techniques are becoming better and better the interest level increases. I took some time and went through a few Blender tutorials – which I am amazed how large the Blender community is. Bottom line – if you like graphic arts, 3D modeling or animations then Blender is an amazing tool to start with or get involved in.  There is even an artist site where people who have created graphics with Blender collaborate on.

The first tutorial I went through showed how you can easily animate a bouncing ball.  This tutorial shows you the basics of the animation concepts with Blender.   I created a bouncing ball but then did a few more things to play with movement and rotations.  Here was my first Blender animation:

The output of Blender is very nice. I was first having the output be a series of JPG’s until I changed the output settings. I ended up just choosing AVI and then uploading that to YouTube (the video you see above).

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Demo: Installing the attachment viewer into Lotus Notes

Many people have emailed me or asked how to install the attachment viewer into Lotus Notes 8.5.1 and above. The easiest method is to use the My Widgets view in the Lotus Notes client. Starting in Notes 8.5.1 you can actually install Eclipse features and plugins using this method. The video below shows how you can do this, I even show how you can enable Widgets in the Lotus Notes client.
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Tutorial: How to add the Attachment Viewer to your mail file

As promised, here is the step by step tutorial for adding the attachment viewer to your email.  Go ahead and check out the video before you begin so you will get a clear picture of what I am talking about – in case you missed the post.  While these steps are very basic, I am going to explain them using the very technical Eclipse terminology so in the end you will surely know how the Notes 8 client is constructed and especially Mail. 🙂

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Adding a component configuration toolbar to your container

There is a new tutorial on the CA wiki that shows how you can add a toolbar to your container.  The article assumes you are writing SWT/Eclipse Java code.  This toolbar shows up conditionally in the Composite Application Editor (and does not show in the applications run time).  The toolbar allows you to provide an intuitive user interface to configure your component.  You can pretty much do anything in the toolbar – from defining values for preferences to launching full dialogs right from the main CAE UI. The idea is to have most of your component editing done “on the glass” versus going into the components preferences or advanced settings.

Reference article is here.

New CA Tutorial for 8.5.1 – Using the Notes PIM and Notes View containers in composite applications

Still trying to work with the new wiki template so the formatting is not perfect yet for this article.  This is the first of many tutorials/articles that will be posted for the Lotus Notes 8.5.1 release.  Since 8.5.1 is not generally available the articles are subject to change but should be able to be accomplished with the managed beta and code drop 8.  Any and all feedback on the tutorials is welcome.

Here is a link to the article.