Automating SWT based applications with SWTBot

Many Lotus customers (and Lotus itself) use Rational Functional Tester(RFT) and in many ways RFT does a great job and in many ways it can be just too much for what you need to do.  If you want to integrate UI testing into your unit testing you might want to check out SWTBot.  I have recently started looking at SWTBot with a serious eye.  I plan on playing around with it for our own team use and I also have some team members looking into it to automate their areas.  I would like to get some feedback from the blogosphere and find out if anyone has actually used this or has integrated it into their ant scripts.  The site has a lot of good pages and articles to get you started running pretty quickly.  I think since its Java/Eclipse based it plays well into the “test driven development” model many companies are moving towards and should feel so daunting to a developer.