My first day with the Microsoft Surface – this is no tablet

surfaceI now see the attraction of the Microsoft Surface. While it has been documented, written about, reviewed, etc by many and in a sense does not get the recognition some of the other tablets get I think it is clearly getting short changed. And the reason is…

This is not a tablet, its a PC. It does pretty much everything my laptop and desktop can do and a whole lot more. The “tablet” is very thin and compares nicely against the other tablets on the market. I have the 128GB model and it seems to be so much memory when compared to my 64GB iPad.  It has the cameras on both sides, very cool. It comes with Skype, once again any PC app should install on the device – priceless. The actual tablet itself seems very stylish and sturdy. I remember when I got the iPad and thought “what a solid design”, I had the exact same impression when I first held the Surface. Since I have a Microsoft Account for XBox and I have Windows 8 on my personal laptop the instant I logged in with that account ID I had all of my cloud pictures, songs, etc. Brilliant!

Some of the key things I really like about the Surface:

  • The large screen resolution (1920×1080) is brilliant.
  • Having the option to go to “Desktop” brings back the PC experience
  • Putting a PC app like Chrome into full screen mode is a simple swipe – I am sure there are many little shortcuts out there
  • The USB stick, enough said. iPad’s clearly need this option – the cloud, network, wifi, whatever doesn’t always work and getting files to/from an iPad is difficult. Not too mention the iPad isn’t a PC

Some of the things I either don’t understand or don’t know how to do:

  • I do not have a keyboard so navigating or typing in fields is a little cumbersome today. For instance, web fields in Chrome the virtual keyboard shows and disappears quickly.
  • The stylus is a little flaky, it has a magnetic sensor it

I would be interested in hearing others reviews on this. Since I have only had this a couple of days I might end up writing a new review after some extended use.

Some other positive reviews on the net:





Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports the TinyMCE!

I have pretty much chosen TinyMCE for all of my projects as I believe it is the most widely used rich text editor on the net. This is very good news!

I was particularly thrilled that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports the TinyMCE WYSIWYG JavaScript editor widely used in Web forms to allow rich text editing. Mobile Safari’s lack of support for the editor frustrates me every day as’s content management system uses it.

Now they just need to fix the bugs!

But my joy evaporated as I experienced display problems, such as the rich text window not refreshing its contents after scrolling. Other JavaScript windows also had display problems, such as significant typing and scrolling lags. The browser even locked up at one point, forcing a hard reset. The iPad’s Safari has never had such quality issues.

Reference article here.

First two weeks with the Nook Color

After two weeks with the Nook Color I am even more satisfied that I got this for my wife. I was really on the edge of getting her the Kindle or even the iPad. Now that the App store is open, it seems more and more function is added each week. For $249 this is clearly a steal in the tablet world.

First impressions of the Nook Color

I got my wife Kim the Nook Color yesterday for her birthday and I have to say I am totally impressed with the device. For only $259 I basically feel she has a fully blown laptop, oops, tablet! And I was right, I have been reading a lot about it over the past month and Barnes and Noble have been saying they will be opening up the app store and some other things on the device. Well, that time has come, check out the article below. In my mind, you can’t beat the price and function of this little gem. One major feature is the memory extension slot, so you basically have unlimited space.

Nook Color gets apps like Angry Birds, Epicurious, Dead Space – Pop2it – Zap2it.