Programming Symphony with Java

I am not sure if everyone has identified the correlation between the Symphony Toolkit announcement and some of the composite application articles that have recently been published.  Mixing custom actions and the new Symphony API’s you can do some pretty amazing things – you can for instance, easily create new containers for Symphony or extend the new Symphony Spreadsheet container (with custom actions) using the new API”s that ship with Lotus Notes 8.5.1.  The plugin for the Symphony API’s is named  You can start playing with the API’s and extending Symphony itself or extend Lotus Notes with Eclipse views, menus or toolbars and write to the new API’s.  I definitely think this will assist in the adoption of Symphony and allow for business partners to start including office based technology into their products programmatically.

Here is a list of articles on the CA wiki for creating custom actions:

Introduction to custom actions

Creating custom actions in java

Extending the Notes View Container with a “Run Agent” custom action

Extending the Notes View container with a custom action

Create a custom container action that executes JavaScript.


Expeditor’s most wanted!

The Lotus Expeditor Wiki is asking for input on anything and everything Expeditor.  The platform under Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony is a very powerful platform based on Eclipse.  If you want to see more education material or postings on API’s, plugins, patterns, or anything related to the Eclipse side of the Lotus products, post your needs here.