Lotus Symphony comes in third…not bad for FREE!

IBM’s Lotus Symphony, an Eclipse based Rich Application takes third in a recent article on InfoWorld. Not bad for Free!

Microsoft Office 2010 takes on all comers | Applications – InfoWorld.



Webinar: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony

Meeting Agenda:

  • Community updates – news on the expanded scope of our community!
  • Community member spotlight
    • Declan Lynch, Czarnowski Exhibit Services
    • Stacey Lieder, IBM
  • Special Topic: Authors will discuss and demo the recently published Redbooks wiki: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony
  • Speakers: Mikkel Heisterberg (Intravision), Tim Parsons (IBM)

Phone Conference Information:

Tues, March 22nd 10:00 AM EASTERN TIME (US)
North America Toll Free – 888-677-1634
North America Toll – 773-756-0229
Verbal passcode: Lotus Community

Web Conference Information:
Launch this URL to attend online – https://apps.lotuslive.com/meetings/join?id=001-637
Enter your name (please include your company name in parentheses)
Click the ‘Join Meeting’ button

QuickTip Video: Convert Microsft Documents To Symphony in seconds!

This quick tip shows how you can convert Microsoft Office files with just two clicks to Lotus Symphony Open Document Format. You can also rate this video on the Lotus Symphony Wiki.

Get rid of Microsoft Office today!

Had to pass this on because its just to great not to. Of course it has been out since June but I did not know it until I saw Dave Hay’s post on PlanetLotus -> see here.  Once again another kudos to the Eclipse

The link Dave points to is the Symphony site where you can download the plugin.

Attachment viewer and OpenOffice

So there has been a lot of discussion both internally and externally about the attachment viewer and if it should support viewing Microsoft Office and Symphony files.  One solution would be to extend the attachment viewer that uses OpenOffice.org API’s to do the previewing of the files.  This of course would require Open Office to be installed on the desktop.  So I ask this question, is that even a viable option for companies at this point? What is the reality of relying on an open source office suite?  We could even use Symphony to do the conversion and preview but I am not confident enough people actually use Symphony (except IBM) on an enterprise level.  So what are you thoughts?  Feel free to comment here or email me privately.  I would be interested to hear direct feedback on this before I go off and attempt anything.

All software should implement CTRL+ and CTRL-

I must be a FireFox advocate or at least like the zoom in and out shortcuts because I find myself using CTRL+/- in many places like Notes, Symphony, etc.  The only problem is the keys do nothing in them!

Who is with me?

Open Source, graphics, and me – not a good mix

Because of IP laws and such, I had to create an icon for the attachment viewer project so tonight I decided to figure out how I will do this.  I am no artist by far but I do have some pretty easy to use and free tools at my disposal.  I figured the best way is to use some kind of presentation editor like Symphony, then use GIMP to actually size and save the image as a jpeg.  The paste into GIMP was not very good so I basically scaled it down and took a screen shot to get a good icon sized image.  In the end, this was pretty easy but I would be interested in hearing how some of you artists do this stuff.

Click to make larger

In the end the icon looks pretty good in the Notes client – I am no Picasso so this will have to do!  Check out a screen shot of the new view icon in the upper left of the viewer:

Click to make larger