Is Twitter driving your brand, product, or company?

I find it amazing as more and more areas in the world are using Twitter to drive something. My latest observations have been around Jeff Probst and the American show “Survivor”. You can follow Jeff on Twitter and Facebook and you can also go to his blog. If you are in the technical world, this is really not anything new. What you can see is how Jeff promotes his brand (namely himself) and his product (the show Survivor) on as many social sites as possible. Jeff is spending a lot of time on his blog, facebook, and twitter. I find him writing snippets here and there and many posts on his blog that make the show that much more interesting. I have been a long time Survivor fan since day ne and the value these social tools adds is incredible. It is like you get to connect with the real deal and not just show up on Wednesday nights to be entertained for an hour. This is exactly how a business or brand can take advantage of social software and use it to drive interest and ultimately sales. I also noticed he uses Google Ads on his site – I wonder how much he makes from them…


Jeff Probst has 57,573 followers on Twitter

I realized something very cool tonight after following Jeff Probst on Twitter. Survivor is filmed and Jeff and the survivors are all seeing the show for the first time. Watching these reactions on Twitter live adds a lot of value to the show because they are seeing for the first time all of the background conversations and back stabbing.

“I’m dealing with a bunch of bitches.” — Russell Hantz

It also made me think of the last post I made about the social tool not cutting it. So the occasional interesting post I see when I randomly go on Twitter is somewhat annoying but what is great is when an event is happening and then you monitor Twitter. It’s like being in a bar during a Syracuse game – everyone pitches in and gives an opinion or two.

It is also a lot like the Sametime chat window during an eMeeting. Those chats are invaluable to the meeting and end up being an excellent reference after. So maybe the key is, Twitter and the other social tools are more valuable at different times and for different reasons. I don’t know, I need to keep thinking about it.