Searchandizing with WebSphere Commerce

Searchandizing you say? Yep, its when you use a shoppers search terms to display relevant content like other products, specials, advertisements, and content. In this video I show how to do some basic searchandizing using WebSphere Commerce and the business user tooling Management Center. Unlike many other products, WebSphere Commerce allows basic business users to control a lot of their site, including things like search!


Solr synonym file for different segments and industries

I have gotten asked in previous conversations if there are standard synonym files for different product sets and industries for the Solr search engine. Interestingly enough I could not find anything out there so I decided to create an online repository on GitHub for such files. I envision files for all kinds of industries and product sets. I put some ideas out there and if anyone else has more please share with the community.  If you happen to have a large set of synonyms today also share those!

You can check out the repository here.