MAXCDN is now active!

maxcdnIt will be interesting to hear if any of my readers abroad see a performance difference with my site. I just subscribed to MAXCDN and it already appears to be much faster. My hosting service is out of California so being in New York, I have experienced similar slowness when accessing my own blog. Hopefully I don’t get any more complaints about the site being unavailable or slow.

Site now has almost 30 feeds being aggregated

The site now has 27 feeds, hopefully by the time this post gets published it will be over 30! I really appreciate all of the emails and additions in such a short time. Keep them coming! If you blog about WebSphere, Commerce, Portal, BPM, Cast Iron, or any of the WebSphere related products send me your site and feed URL and I can add you to the list.


IPhone/Mobile theme for WordPress sites

I was checking out various plug-ins on the WordPress site and came across this little gem (WPTouch).  This plug-in gives your site a theme that makes the site iPhone or mobile compatible.  The actual use of the application very good and it looks just like an iPhone application when viewed on the iPhone.

Great job on this plugin guys!

New Visitors map for my site – I love it!

As you can see on the right of my site there is a new visitors map (it will be off while this post is on the front page). The map is a dynamic map that shows where people are hitting my site from. I use the WordPress plugin created by: Stefan Aichholzer

Here is a larger map below to show you the full map:

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Akismet is working like a charm!

Ok, I have to thank Chris Aniszczyk for the Akismet tip.  The plugin has already caught every single spam since I turned it on 3 days ago.