CoreMedia Part IV – Scheduling our promotion banner

We continue our video series for the CoreMedia integration with WebSphere Commerce. In this video I show how you can place the previously created Kids Promotion Banner on our home page and then schedule it to show during the month of December.

You can learn more about CoreMedia and their LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce at their site, click here.


WordPress missed its schedule!

So every weekend I do most of my blogging for the week and schedule the posts throughout the week. I usually schedule them at 0500 Eastern because that hits the European readers early in their day – has been working great for over 2 years now. I might even schedule another post for 10am Eastern if I have double posts in a single day. Well, today, for the first time I woke up, looked at my WordPress Admin and saw that the post “Missed its schedule”.  What the…

I am going to have to look around and see how this could happen. I assume my service provider had a hick-up or something this morning and the server was down, not sure. If anyone else has had this happen and knows how it could happen I would appreciate it.