Can’t remember that person who Sametime’d you?

There is a cure for that!

With over 400,000 employees, IBM can be considered a very large company and too often I have accidentally closed a chat window or had to reboot and could not remember who I chatted with! Well, there is a tiny little down arrow in the title area for the Sametime Frequent Contacts window in your Notes client. You can select what contacts to show in the list. Notice you have several options:

  • Sametime Frequent Contacts – shows a list of contacts you often chat with.
  • Sametime Primary Contacts – is a static list you define of your “favorite” people.
  • Sametime Recent Contacts – shows in order of date the people you have chatted with. A little different from frequent contacts as it’s just sorted by date.

So maybe this would be a good “badge” if you used this feature in Sametime. I would be interested to know who actually knew about this and who uses it.

What is bot for Lotus Sametime

Had to share this neat little function we have here at IBM. Being in a new division this has helped me out a lot. And now, I found it funny it could actually define TGIF – maybe Watson is behind this!

You simply type in a question or an acronym and it responds with suggestions:

Webinar: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony

Meeting Agenda:

  • Community updates – news on the expanded scope of our community!
  • Community member spotlight
    • Declan Lynch, Czarnowski Exhibit Services
    • Stacey Lieder, IBM
  • Special Topic: Authors will discuss and demo the recently published Redbooks wiki: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony
  • Speakers: Mikkel Heisterberg (Intravision), Tim Parsons (IBM)

Phone Conference Information:

Tues, March 22nd 10:00 AM EASTERN TIME (US)
North America Toll Free – 888-677-1634
North America Toll – 773-756-0229
Verbal passcode: Lotus Community

Web Conference Information:
Launch this URL to attend online –
Enter your name (please include your company name in parentheses)
Click the ‘Join Meeting’ button

Quick tip: Using Sametime Emoticons for quick text

I got a call the other day asking how can one do a common set of responses in Sametime. I figured since this probably is a common question for people who are new to Sametime that I would share the answer in a quick little video.

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Eclipse won the InfoWorld’s 2010 Technology of the year award!

This is great news!  As Lotus Notes, Sametime, Domino Designer, and Lotus Expeditor are all based on Eclipse, not too mention all of the Rational tools and many more products, it is great to see Eclipse being recognized like this.  They don’t really mention the fact that many of the IBM installed client portfolio is based on Eclipse, and they seem to focus on tooling.


Expeditor’s most wanted!

The Lotus Expeditor Wiki is asking for input on anything and everything Expeditor.  The platform under Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony is a very powerful platform based on Eclipse.  If you want to see more education material or postings on API’s, plugins, patterns, or anything related to the Eclipse side of the Lotus products, post your needs here.