What the heck is BlueMix and why do I care about it?

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.59.52 AMYesterday I had an article published on the IBM DeveloperWorks titled “Building a real-time marketing application with Node.js and IBM Mobile Web Push” and in the article I walk you through how to create and deploy an application using NodeJS and the new IBM Mobile Web Push platform (click here to start a free trial for that) on the new BlueMix platform. It is a tutorial/sample based application similar to the Sports Ticker application I just recently posted here. But enough about that so let’s get on to BlueMix.

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What is the fastest growing web framework?

According to Built With Trends, Ruby on Rails is clobbering the competition with an astonishing one year growth of 1146%! Interestingly though, Ruby on Rails only accounts for about 2.5% of the sites on the web today – I think this means its clearly leading edge.

by Built With Trends

PHP 32.04%
ASP.NET 21.48%
Shockwave Flash Embed 11.5%
J2EE 6.86%
ASP.NET Ajax 5.43%
Adobe Dreamweaver 4.35%
Frontpage Extensions 3.02%
Ruby on Rails 2.21%

Ruby on Rails 3.1 standardizes on JQuery…

Rails 3.1 sounds very promising indeed. From the article on InfoWorld it looks like they made some major enhancements to performance and most interesting is the default JavaScript library is now JQuery. JQuery is clearly all over the place these days. Being the default library in Rails, WordPress, and Drupal make it almost ubiquitous in the world of open source web development.

Another change: The default JavaScript library for Ruby on Rails has been switched to jQuery. Users can easily change from the previous default library, Prototype, through a single command. Developers shouldn’t notice any difference, and going forward, Ruby on Rails will be able to harness the work being done on this popular library.

Java tops the list of “in-demand” and highest paid skills!

Great article on IT skills in demand with some key points taken from a survey.

“.NET were relatively low on the scale, compared to Java, C, and even ColdFusion Developers” – link

A couple of shockers – Apex, the language of SalesForce.com and Python over Ruby…really??

Java/J2EE commandeer the highest salaries on average

It looks like general Network and Security people also have a pretty nice path. The article also eludes to cloud specialists not getting paid so high in the future.