Promoted Facebook Post Results

Last week I promoted a post on Facebook just to see what it did. According to Facebook my advertising results “are in” and as you can see below the post received 99% more paid views than “regular” views – I have no way of validating that by the way. I guess that means 99% of the views were from it being in the right side bar and only 1% of the views were in the regular feed.

Some observations, almost everyone that replied to the thread didn’t even see the post in the right bar or in their feed in the first few hours. It makes me wonder how many people actually see any of my posts. I think the $7 ad fee was worth learning how it works, however I think that is a bit high. I also think I should have received a message or something that the results were in. I had to go search in help and find out how to get the results, which was even more disturbing. The directions told me I had to go to my feed, find the post and look at the results. This really should be somewhere under my page (at the top) or in my account screen. I shouldn’t have to go look for the original post. What if I want to compare to another post results?

My own stats show the post has had 53 hits in about 5 days and only 3 click referrals came from FB. I actually don’t get a lot of clicks from FB because my friends on FB don’t really care about my technical blog.

Some things I could have done better:

  1. Have a more catchy title.
  2. Had an image in the post.
  3. Posted or promoted on a Monday.

Those are the most obvious ones I can think of, not sure if anyone else has any other ideas. I really wanted to see what a basic post would generate and the results were not really that good. Now, I am going to test another post with an image and a catchy title. Let’s see what results that will bring. More to follow.

Poll Results: Do you use group tabs in Lotus Notes?

Not a whole lot of participants in this past poll but I do find the stats a bit interesting.  The grouping of tabs was a pretty big user interface change in Lotus Notes 8 and I am pretty amazed that many people didn’t even know about it at all.  Tabs in Lotus Notes are actually pointers to Eclipse perspectives, the new UI for the tabs is really a perspective switcher on steroids.  If you are just seeing this topic for the first time you can check out the post where I explain what group tabs are: click here.

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