Top 20 Referrers for this blog in 2013, Search engines rule the roost!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.17.18 AMTo continue the top lists for 2013 this one is all about referrals. A referral is a site where they reference my blog and their readers click the link to here. It could also be a comment I made on a post somewhere and it linked back to my blog. While search engines rule, you can see social sites like, LinkedIn, Twitter, and StackOverFlow had some pretty good numbers. However, this supports the “content is king” motto when you see search engines with such a powerful referral number.

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Who are your top referrers?

I check this stuff every so often.

I always find it interesting who are the top referrers for  It looks like most of my hits are from Planet Eclipse, DZone (which is new to me), and Planet Lotus but I also find it interesting how many readers access the feed directly from Google Reader.

# Hits Referrer
1 9198
2 5748
3 2208
4 1700
5 1037
6 710
7 658