QuickTip Video: Adding Hot Spots To Graphics In Lotus Notes Email

In this quick tip I show how you can send cool images with hot spots to your colleagues. You can also check out the entry over on the Lotus site for VideoFest.


QuickTip Video: Copying a project elements path to the Clipboard in Eclipse

In this quick tip video I show how you can easily copy a path from the Eclipse project to the clipboard and then use it. In the video I show how you can install features and plugins from an Eclipse Update Site project into Lotus Notes. I use this method all of the time to test out my plugins and site.

QuickTip Video: Getting the Notes URL for any database, view, or document!

In this quick tip video I show how you can use the Address bar in the Lotus Notes client to get the address of any document, view or database.

QuickTip Video: Using the Eclipse toString Wizard

This video shows how you can use the toString() wizard to generate a nice toString() method for your class.