Creating Java based components just got a lot easier in Expeditor 6.2.2

There is a new set of API’s that allow the creation of Java based components – for use in composite applications – in the Lotus Expeditor stack.  The recently published article, jWidget – Easy Creation of Java Composite Application Components, explains how to use the API’s and not get bogged down with WSDL, or Property Broker API’s or comp app based extensions.   The new jWidget classes make it easy to code a new component for use in the Composite Application Editor.  The article goes into depth on how the jWidget classes interact with the composite application infrastructure (areas including TopologyHandler and Property Broker).

Code Snippet: Notify the Property Broker of a property changes

Greg posted a nice little utlility class you can use in your SWT views for publishing basic string based properties to the Property broker.

Code Snippet: Locating the source or target view part from a Property Broker action

This is a commonly used piece of function if you are writing SWT based components that use Property Broker for declarative communication.  The SWTHelper class does a few things that can make you code easier to follow.  If you have any other suggestions around this space get with me or post feedback on the wiki.

Locating the source or target view part from a Property Broker action

Property converter component on OpenNTF

I get many queries about property transformations on wires or ways to change the output of one component before it gets sent to another component over a wire.  Kevin Bergin created a Property Converter component where you can use script to do pretty much whatever you want to the string.  This is an excellent component for many reasons.  Composite applications support “hidden” components and when this component is on the screen you can wire a source property to it, transform the data, and then wire the converter component to the target component.  Here is a flow of the component and the data.


EventAdmin bridge posted to OpenNTF

For all of you die hard Eclipse fans out there, I have published the EventAdmin to Property Broker bridge to the OpenNTF.  It’s now open source so have at it!  You may recall I posted two presentations and a short article on the bridge back in February on this blog.

You can download the update site and source from the OpenNTF project.