Searchandizing part 2 – Promoting a Category

In this demonstration I get some requirements from my marketing manager Mary to start a new sales category called “Sale” on the North American site. I create the category with a custom layout using Commerce Composer along with a promotion for 30% off all items in the new category. I then create a search rule to generally promote the items in that category for any search term.


Setting up Tiered Promotions In WebSphere Commerce

tieredpromotionsIn this demonstration I show how easy it is to setup a tiered promotion in WebSphere Commerce. I schedule the promotion to be active on December 25th and then use the site preview functionality to test the site on that day.

A tiered promotion is where you give bigger discounts for more money spent. In this video I show how to setup a site wide promotion (all products) with a discount tier.

Also, I actually forgot to publish this last month so the dates mentioned in the video are from early December.

Rewarding customers with stackable promotions

stackable-promotionsSome stores do this but I have not seen a lot of online stores that do this today and I really don’t understand why they don’t. The closest thing I have experienced to “stacking promotions” is the use of a Macy’s credit card and applying some coupons they sent me in the mail on top of the order. At times I am shocked at the total discount and sure as heck it keeps me going back to Macy’s because of it! So why not online? Why don’t more eCommerce sites offer the ability to stack promotions. Well if your site is based on WebSphere Commerce then its as easy as pie to do. Check out the video below to see the administration and customer experience for stackable promotions. I also give a glimpse into my next video about digital wallets.

Promotions and Promotion Codes in WebSphere Commerce

promotionsIn this video I show how you can create a promotion that requires a promotion code. The business user tooling generates the codes for you based on prefix and suffix criteria you provide. I then show how the codes can be exported to other systems with a CSV file.

These codes can then be used in other systems like Enterprise Marketing Management and Order Management. In this scenario WebSphere Commerce is the system of record for the promotion codes and can be redeemed on the web and mobile channels. One scenario might be that IBM Interact decides which codes to offer on the web site based on a series of conditions – segmentation, referral, channel, etc. You can imagine a shopper getting an email, clicking on the offer and getting sent to a special landing page where the coupon is then put into the shoppers coupon wallet.

Recommend Promotions 101 in WebSphere Commerce


One of the most challenging parts of a commerce site is having the technology to tie the front end advertisements to the back-end promotion engine. For instance, you don’t want to show an advertisement for 15% off an item or items in a category when the promotion is not applicable or not even valid at that time. In this video I show how you can tie promotions and web content together on your WebSphere Commerce site to insure the advertisements are only visible when the promotion is available.

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