Is Game Maker Studio a “Game Changer”?

My oldest son and step daughter are taking a game programming course at a local college. We figured it would keep them busy for five half days this summer and who knows they might even learn something and enjoy it. My son has really taken to it so far.

They are using Game Maker by Yo Yo games – who has an impressive list of executives. I checked out the software and its pretty impressive, the video tells a great story – check it out below. The new version will allow compilation to multiple platforms – iPhone, Windows, Mac, iPad, HTML5 and Android – way cool! The development tool supports all kinds of scripting, drag and drop, custom DLL’s and a whole lot more. The platform looks good enough to create some high quality games and can definitely be used by hobbyist.

With export to HTML5, look out Zynga!


Expensify CEO: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Programmers

This is a little extreme in my opinion but I think I get his point. The developer tools, these days, do so much for you that you might not really know what goes on underneath. I think this applies to all platforms, not just .NET. The tools are designed to get you started and pump out POC’s, but real applications need a clear understanding of the platform itself. I see this all the time in the Eclipse community. The tools are so powerful up front that many people strictly rely on them. This is the primary cause for security problems, performance problems, and non-intuitive UI. As with any platform, a person with 1-3 years experience should be very different than a person with 3-10 years experience in the same platform. The key is to have a series of questions about the platform that differentiates candidates from the “Wizard” developers from the experienced ones.

If you want a programming job at a start-up, Expensify CEO David Barret says you should avoid the .NET platform if at all possible.

Expensify CEO: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Programmers.

QuickTip Video: Using the Refactor function in Eclipse

The extract method function is very cool, I don’t use it often but when I do its great.