Results for poll: Have you ever clicked on a FB advertisement?

Very interesting results, it is pretty close to what I had expected. You can view the poll results on LinkedIn here.


Poll Results: Do you use group tabs in Lotus Notes?

Not a whole lot of participants in this past poll but I do find the stats a bit interesting.  The grouping of tabs was a pretty big user interface change in Lotus Notes 8 and I am pretty amazed that many people didn’t even know about it at all.  Tabs in Lotus Notes are actually pointers to Eclipse perspectives, the new UI for the tabs is really a perspective switcher on steroids.  If you are just seeing this topic for the first time you can check out the post where I explain what group tabs are: click here.

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Poll ends today: How do you want to preview attachments?

Link to original post.

I have been playing with the attachment viewer a lot lately and over the weekend I figured out how to show the thumbnails from files based on the Open Document Format (ODF).  I learned, thanks to some colleagues, that these files are really just zip files and showing those thumbnails is as easy as using the zip viewer I just created.  Anyway, there have been a lot of discussions on where people want to view attachments.  Lots of opinions!

So this poll is to ask you, where and how do you want to view attachments?  I hope I got all of the basic options in the poll.  Go ahead and select all that you would want to see.

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Poll ends today: Do you use Live Text in your enterprise?

I will be ending the Live Text poll at the end of my day today.  Thanks to all who participated.

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Closing the Dev/debug on Mac poll at the end of the day

I never know how long a poll should be open so I was thinking of announcing the closing of the poll to give it more attention.  I will be closing this poll at the end of the day today (Eastern Standard Time) so if you haven’t voted please do. 🙂

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Poll: Do you want education material on creating Java views showing Notes data?

I got a lot of random emails on this subject ever since BONES was put on the blogosphere but I would like to get a better picture of the demand. This refers to SWT and JFace views, not the built in Java rendering that will be possible in Notes 8.5.1.

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