Very Cool: 25 jQuery image galleries and slideshow plugins

Had to put this on my blog, great set of free plugins:

Image galleries. jQuery slideshow. jQuery Gallery. | Webdesigner Depot.

Eclipse Marketplace – an amazing 1000+ solutions available!

If you haven’t checked out the Eclipse Marketplace then you are missing out on a lot of solutions for Eclipse and RCP. It currently has an astonishing 1,052 solutions available for download or install. Many offer trials and many are just free. You can search on many categories from application management to network plugins.

If you have a product or plugin you would like me to review send it on, I would be happy to give your product a plug but only if its good!

Webinar: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony

Meeting Agenda:

  • Community updates – news on the expanded scope of our community!
  • Community member spotlight
    • Declan Lynch, Czarnowski Exhibit Services
    • Stacey Lieder, IBM
  • Special Topic: Authors will discuss and demo the recently published Redbooks wiki: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony
  • Speakers: Mikkel Heisterberg (Intravision), Tim Parsons (IBM)

Phone Conference Information:

Tues, March 22nd 10:00 AM EASTERN TIME (US)
North America Toll Free – 888-677-1634
North America Toll – 773-756-0229
Verbal passcode: Lotus Community

Web Conference Information:
Launch this URL to attend online –
Enter your name (please include your company name in parentheses)
Click the ‘Join Meeting’ button

Deploying trusted plugins to your enterprise

This is a pretty hot topic for enterprises deploying the now many plug-ins available in the Lotus community. Do you want to deploy trusted plug-ins? Do you want to control what plug-ins can be installed? Then you may want to consider reading these resources:

First thing you need to know is how to sign your plugin, check out this great article for how to do that: Explore Eclipse’s plug-in signature mechanism.

Next, you will need to setup the Domino policies to restrict what certificates can be accepted by your clients. Check out the Domino wki for that: Pushing trusted certificates to Lotus Notes clients.

New OpenNTF Project – Multiple Database Search

Myself and Igor have just uploaded a new OpenNTF project – Multiple Database Search!

The new plug-in can be installed using the Widget below – so yes, this is a Widget that installs Eclipse plug-ins!  What we did was extend the current search user interface (the toolbar to be exact) so it looks completely integrated with the Lotus Notes client.  The tool will search specific fields or do a full text search across all of the databases and consolidate the results into a single result set.

You can install the plug-in using the widget below into your My Widgets panel in the Lotus Notes client.  If you want to learn how to enable My Widgets in your Lotus Notes client you can view a video here.

Drag image to your My Widgets panel

As with all Open Source tools and code any and all input is welcome!

Learn about deploying features, plugins and widgets

This is a really good web cast about Eclipse Features, Plug-ins and how they are deployed and installed into Lotus Notes.  Chris Miller does a great job explaining the difference between plugins, features and widgets.  I really like how Chris talks about Eclipse Features – many do not understand or even realize what a Feature is.  If you want to know this stuff make sure you watch and listen to his great web cast about these new packaging models in the Lotus Notes 8.x client. You can see his original post or you can just watch the embedded replay below.

Education like this is very important.  More and more companies develop plugins and widgets; as an administrator you need to know how the plugin and widget get deployed and then, more importantly, how they are updated or removed.

New Mail Utilities has been released!

I just uploaded a new release of the mail utilities.  You can just install this new release over the existing one or install it from nothing and it will work fine.  I modified the toolbar contribution to always show up at the request from many people.  So now you will always see the icon and be able to run the rules from any view or window.

You can check out the project here on OpenNTF.

If you want to Innovate with Lotus then you should be in Orlando next week

Innovate 2010 is next week! There a lot of great sessions on Web 2.0, Dojo, Composites, Vulcan – check it out if you can.

Top 5 reasons to attend Innovate 2010
1. Over 350 sessions focused on software, systems, services and more.
2. New Solution Tracks: Agile, Cloud, Jazz, Packaged Applications, Power Systems, and Systems Development.
3. Over twenty hands-on technical workshops.
4. Participate in interactive Fishbowl and U-Innovate sessions.
5. Networking and innovating with 4,000 peers on how to build a smarter planet!

Using Widgets to manage and deploy plug-ins to Lotus Notes

Many customers are in the process of upgrading to Notes 8.x and specifically 8.5.1 and are very excited about Eclipse development.  A common question is how can we manage these plug-ins and deploy them to the client?  Here is a great link to get started in the Domino Administrator help.

“While Widgets and Live Text can be used to deploy a variety of Live Text and gadget-like capabilities to client users, they play a unique role in installing and updating (deploying and provisioning) feature plug-ins and policies to all managed clients in the IBM® Lotus® Domino®-administered enterprise, including IBM® Lotus® Notes® as well as IBM® Lotus® Expeditor® clients.”