My new Pinterest board for some GIMP work I have been doing

Check out my new Pinterest board, I play with GIMP a lot in my spare time.

Link to board is here.

I followed this video I found on YouTube, I think this is the best video showing the mask layer concepts in GIMP. It is amazing how easy it is to do something like this in GIMP.

Twenty Eleven theme and 13 custom photos

As many saw last week I Tweeted about upgrading to WordPress 3.3 and I found out I had to upgrade to MySQL 5. The good news is I have been using MySQL5 with Drupal and a couple of other sites for a while. The upgrade process was seamless, I simply used the Export content and then import content feature from the WordPress Export/Import plugin.

After I installed everything I decided to change the look and feel and just use an out of the box theme, the Twenty Eleven theme. I then carefully went through all of my own photos from around the world and used them instead of the canned photos that came with the theme. In case you don’t want to hit refresh of my home page a hundred times, here they are:



Niagra Falls


Niagra Falls


Disney World




Las Vegas


Disney World


Old Forge, NY


Phoenix, AZ


Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta


China - Great Wall


China - Summer Palace


The 40 Best Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine | Baby Photography

How cool is this, these pictures are amazing!

The 40 Best Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine | Baby Photography.