12% Increased conversion with Instart Logic and WebSphere Commerce

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Instart Logic has an amazing solution that will increase your conversion rates and speed up your site greatly. Check out this video where I introduce the solution and then see a quick demonstration of the Instart Logic solution implemented on the WebSphere Commerce starter store.

MAXCDN is now active!

maxcdnIt will be interesting to hear if any of my readers abroad see a performance difference with my site. I just subscribed to MAXCDN and it already appears to be much faster. My hosting service is out of California so being in New York, I have experienced similar slowness when accessing my own blog. Hopefully I don’t get any more complaints about the site being unavailable or slow.

Book Review: High Performance JavaScript

This book is a great resource and reference.  It is probably not something you will read from front to back but more reference the individual sections when needed.  What I did was somewhat scan the entire book first and then revisited each chapter for a clearer picture.  What I found was an amazing amount of tips and tricks to have high performing JavaScript in your code.  Many may think with frameworks like Dojo you don’t need this stuff but that is not the case.  You will need to write your own code at one point – unless you only reference Dojo declaratively – and even so, you could always check the Dojo code to see if it is using the techniques suggested in this book!  What I really like is how the book explains the current browser landscape and shows performance numbers between the different browsers in most cases.  This sort of time stamps the book but it does not invalidate the many examples of making your script perform well.  From simple string concatenation to regular expressions, the book has a wide range of tips to help your applications.  I recommend this book to anyone writing web applications that use JavaScript for any platform or browser.  This book could easily enable developer leads to create a checklist of code review items for JavaScript.

Does anyone use LABjs library?

I am doing a little reading and I was introduced to LABjs (Loading and Blocking JavaScript) library.  The concept seems pretty straightforward and I think the way it is implemented is very easy.  I like the flexibility in how you can download scripts in parallel, asynchronous, and in a specific order.

Is anyone using LABjs in a production environment?

Eclipse memory analyzer – excellent tool!

I attended an excellent presentation yesterday from a colleague in IBM on the Eclipse Memory Analyzer.  This is a must have tool for any shop developing in Java/Eclipse.  Its open source, and free!