Get to know the IBM Commerce Business Partners

Next time you fee like bingeing on a video series you might want to check out the 68 IBM Commerce partners in this YouTube list. Break out the popcorn and open this list on your smart tv and just sit back and enjoy!

Stay up to date with the Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions Feed!

I got this feed URL passed on to me by a colleague and if you use an RSS or Atom feed reader then this is right up your alley. You can view the feed in your favorite reader or even subscribe to it with browsers like FireFox. You can also just view the partner page to see the list of partners and their solutions.

You will immediately see there are three new partners on board already this year:


What are the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions?

wsc-isv-partner-300x300With the launch for Feature Pack 7 of WebSphere Commerce came a new Widget Framework (more on that in a later post) and with that framework came a list of technology partners who have contributions to the base product in the form of widgets and other integrations. In the next series of blog posts I am going to dive into each of these partner solutions and see what they are all about. The partners span a large set of functionality, bringing a fairly comprehensive set of function to the base WebSphere Commerce platform.

IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partners bring together innovative and relevant e-commerce services and solutions to help serve the global community of IBM WebSphere Commerce customers across a wide range of industries. By leveraging pre-built integrations, WebSphere Commerce customers can deliver additional value faster with complimentary capabilities that differentiate the customer experience. – link

Here is a list of areas where validated technology partners have provided extended functionality to the platform:

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Management & Marketing
  • Community, Social & Customer Engagement
  • Content Management & Rich Media
  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Omni-Channel – In-Store & Mobile
  • Payments, Pricing & Tax
  • Product Management & Configuration
  • Search Optimization

For more information check out the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions page.

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After yesterdays post about removing advertisements on this site I decided to go one step further. I will post any advertisement from an IBM or Lotus business partner on this site for free. If I get more than one company putting an ad on this site then they will simply rotate randomly.

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