Why IBM Digital Commerce is a game changer

The new IBM Digital Commerce platform brings to the table a couple of key gems for developers and administrators. In my opinion, which may or may not mean much to you, the two primary pieces of this new platform that make it a first class eCommerce platform are Liberty and Docker.

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Will Java 8 bring in OSGI?

One of the big moves in the industry is to the cloud and many have already begun talking about what will the cloud mean to Java. As outlined in Joab Jacksons article about Java 8, Java 8 gears up for the cloud, making Java modular is a must have. As many IBM server technologies like Notes Domino and the Notes client already have OSGI built into their stack, this would be a great move if Java 8 included OSGI.

One effort, Project Jigsaw, has been working on this goal. When Sun Microsystems controlled Java (Oracle purchased Sun in 2010), that company’s engineers preferred Jigsaw over another approach, OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative), overseen by the OSGI initiative.

Embedding OSGI into a larger application

Neil wrote up an excellent and short article on how to embed OSGI into another Java based system with some basic API’s – check out his post.

A popular question on mailing lists and Stack Overflow is how to embed OSGi in a larger application. This is really easy to do, especially since a standard API for it was introduced in OSGi Release 4.1. Because of the standard, switching between Equinox, Felix and Knopflerfish can be as simple as a configuration change. – Neil Bartlet

From Julian: OSGI sidebar app for Lotus Notes

I just had to plug this to the Eclipse Developer community:Free Sidebar App: OSGi Sidebar Console

OSGI and Guice – dynamic service injection for Guice

As I dive more in the open social space I stumbled across Peaberry (dynamic service extension for Google-Guice).

The peaberry project is an extension library for Google-Guice that supports dependency injection of dynamic services. It provides OSGi integration out of the box, and has plug-in support for other registry-based service frameworks. It ships as an OSGi bundle that can be dropped into any R4 framework, such as Apache Felix or Eclipse/Equinox. You can also use peaberry outside of OSGi.

Eclipse Virgo sounds very cool indeed

Checking out Planet Eclipse Glyn Normington has a very nice write-up about Eclipse Virgo – the OSGI based web server.

This nested framework approach also enables applications to use new versions of the Spring framework (regardless of the fact the kernel depends on Spring 3.0.0). All the major Java EE application servers are now built on top of OSGi, but only Virgo was designed for OSGi and didn’t need OSGi to be retrofitted.

Referenced article is here.

Demo: Attachment viewer now supports Zip files

I have now completed the extension model for the attachment viewer and will hopefully be posting a new update to OpenNTF by end of week.  I had several people request ZIP file support so I went ahead and added it since Java comes with some pretty good API’s for ZIP files.  I used some basic HTML and created an index of the ZIP file contents with anchors to the actual zip entries.  The concept is the ZIP file would just act like a multiple selection but with an anchor index.  Check out the video where I show how it looks and works.

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