The Smarter Commerce Summit 2014 GreenWheels Demonstration Video is now online!

ibm_smarter_commerce-300x280If you missed the IBM Smarter Commerce Solution Center demo “GreenWheels” you can watch the story of Katie below. This is fairly comprehensive demonstration that shows WebSphere Commerce and several other IBM products integrated for a seamless customer experience.

Some key highlights of the demo:

  • Responsive design for web, mobile, tablet.
  • IBM Connections surfaced through WebSphere Content Manager for the community
  • Order Management for store inventory visibility, buy online pickup in store, and pickup and pay in store.
  • Centralized offer management using IBM (Unica) Interact
  • Digital Analytic’s for “wisdom of the crowd” product recommendations.
  • eMessage for email campaigns
  • IBM Mobile Web Push for Rich notifications to mobile device

This demo walks through the experience of Katie – a consumer wanting to buy a new bike from the fictional Greenwheels company We will show Katie’s experience as she goes from interested consumer to passionate brand ambassador.

Greenwheels uses IBM’s solution for delivering exceptional & contextual customer experiences.


Enabling a second extended site to use Distributed Order Management

While WebSphere Commerce (WC) can do basic order management very well, you may have some requirements that will push you to a third party order management system. One example would be a cross-channel call center, like the one in Sterling Order Management, another solution in the Smarter Commerce portfolio. If you have the developer edition of WC 7, feature pack 4 you can configure the base Madisons store for the external order management function by following these instructions: link here.

Now, if you create other sites from the same asset store (a peer to the Madisons store) the only thing you really have to do is Step 12 from the same link above:


This sets the inventory system to a third party one, that is what the -5 value represents. Once that is complete you need to make sure the¬†INVCNFREL table either has entries for your store id or make sure the STORE_ID is NULL for the items you want handled by the external system. Being NULL means any stores set to “-5” will use the external management system. Here are a couple of records from that table:

select * from INVCNFREL;

1 1 10002 NULL NULL 1
2 1 10004 NULL NULL 1