Oracle releases JavaFX 2.0, shares plans for Java 9 | Application Development – InfoWorld

In addition, JavaFX 2.0 allows developers to embed Web content in JavaFX applications, which will render the HTML and JavaScript using WebKit. Will Java developers really choose to build rich clients with JavaFX instead of the standard browser technologies? Oracle can be expected to keep pushing JavaFX while also waving the flag for HTML5. JavaFX might have some life left in it, even if it is just for Java devotees.

via Oracle releases JavaFX 2.0, shares plans for Java 9 | Application Development – InfoWorld.


Netezza rocks out at AARP, replaces Oracle

Just read a great article where AARP replaced an Oracle implementation with IBM Netezza.

AARP had been using Oracle Database for their data warehouse. But their system simply could not keep up with the demand. As Margherita Bruni from AARP says, “our analysts would run a report, then go for coffee or for lunch, and, maybe if they were lucky, by 5:00 p.m. they would get the response—it was unacceptable—the system was so busy writing the new daily data that it didn’t give any importance to the read operations performed by users.” The stresses on their system were so great that in 2009 alone, their Oracle Database environment had more than 30 system failures. To compound matters, these system performance issues meant that full backups were not possible. Instead AARP would back up only a few critical tables, which is a less than desirable disaster recovery scenario. Clearly, something had to be done.

Apple saves Java!

Oracle and Apple® today announced the OpenJDK project for Mac OS® X. Apple will contribute most of the key components, tools and technology required for a Java SE 7 implementation on Mac OS X, including a 32-bit and 64-bit HotSpot-based Java virtual machine, class libraries, a networking stack and the foundation for a new graphical client. OpenJDK will make Apple’s Java technology available to open source developers so they can access and contribute to the effort.

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