Gist integration with Lotus Notes, great demo!

Wow, what a great demo!  This video shows so many areas of integration I don’t know where to begin.  First off it shows Gist integration with the Notes toolbars – most likely an Eclipse extension and then it shows how Gist can integrate with a composite application.  The great thing about this composite is the demonstration shows integration with a web page and a native application using the OpenSpan container.

Great demo!

Recording available for the OpenSpan and IBM Lotus webinar from earlier this week.

This really is an impressive video, if you get the chance check it out.

Duration is 39 minutes.

In this 45-minute presentation, IBM and OpenSpan will explain the Lotus Windows Container strategy, which maximizes the ROI associated with implementing or migrating to Notes 8.5 or Expeditor 6.2. The OpenSpan Windows Container and the OpenSpan Scripting Container extend the value of Lotus Notes and Expeditor solutions by enabling the rapid integration of a broad range of Windows applications into comprehensive business workflow solutions using point and click technology. During the presentation, we will demonstrate composite solutions which incorporate a mix of Windows, Web-based and Mainframe applications integrated with other Lotus plug-ins and components.

You can check out the video recording here.

Cool OpenSpan demo in a composite

I just viewed the online webinar for the OpenSpan integration with Lotus Notes and Lotus Expeditor.  It was a pretty good crowd size and I thought the demo was very cool.  They integrated the Lotus Notes contact component with a C++ application and the FedEx shipping site.  As you select a contact their information is pushed into the CRM (C++) application which then sends the shipping information over to the web browser for a FedEx look up.  The entire application was assembled in the Composite Application Editor.  The webinar will be available later this week for download.  I will be sure to post a link.  Check it out if you missed the webinar.


Webinar from IBM and OpenSpan

“An IBM Advanced Business Partner, OpenSpan offers OpenSpan Windows Container for IBM Lotus, which extends IBM Lotus Notes (versions 8.5+) and IBM Lotus Expeditor (versions 6.2+) to integrate and automate applications not currently supported by IBM Lotus Expeditor, including native Windows desktop applications.”

OpenSpan Windows Container for IBM Lotus