Top 5 reasons why NodeJS rocks!

nodejs_0NodeJS has been around for almost five years and until recently it has been a focus point for geeks, pioneers, and chat programs. Recently it has been getting some amazing press from things like BlueMix and JazzHub and of course the social sites. I started playing around with NodeJS about a month ago and I have compiled my top five reasons why NodeJS rocks:

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What the heck is BlueMix and why do I care about it?

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.59.52 AMYesterday I had an article published on the IBM DeveloperWorks titled “Building a real-time marketing application with Node.js and IBM Mobile Web Push” and in the article I walk you through how to create and deploy an application using NodeJS and the new IBM Mobile Web Push platform (click here to start a free trial for that) on the new BlueMix platform. It is a tutorial/sample based application similar to the Sports Ticker application I just recently posted here. But enough about that so let’s get on to BlueMix.

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