Mobile Web versus native Applications

Heiko Behrens has an excellent article and a presentation (also below) he gave at Mobile Tech Conference 2010 on this subject – well worth the read!

I think it is very relevant to the Domino community, especially after the feedback from LoLA.  If you are a business partner or developer in the mobile and web space you should check this out.

Cool OpenSpan demo in a composite

I just viewed the online webinar for the OpenSpan integration with Lotus Notes and Lotus Expeditor.  It was a pretty good crowd size and I thought the demo was very cool.  They integrated the Lotus Notes contact component with a C++ application and the FedEx shipping site.  As you select a contact their information is pushed into the CRM (C++) application which then sends the shipping information over to the web browser for a FedEx look up.  The entire application was assembled in the Composite Application Editor.  The webinar will be available later this week for download.  I will be sure to post a link.  Check it out if you missed the webinar.