My second day with the Microsoft Surface – fully loaded

Screenshot (2)One thing I did not mention in yesterday’s post was when you log into Microsoft Surface and use your Microsoft Id you get all of your cloud settings for your account. So my tablet immediately got all of my pictures, documents, and social network accounts automatically configured. It was literally like I just logged into my Windows 8 Laptop.

Today however, I spent time getting my favorite applications loaded on the tablet. Since this is a work tablet I had to get the IBM connection setup through the VPN and then of course I copied Lotus Notes to it. Lastly, I got GIMP, Eclipse, and started getting my MS Office suite over to it.

I will say if you plan to use these applications you will definitely need a keyboard and possibly a mouse. While the stylus works well, it takes a lot of getting used to, especially with re-sizing sashes and side bars. I may go and get the video adapter and keyboard this weekend. I can easily see this replacing my laptop for customer presentations, plane rides, and demo’s. I am not ready to take a leap and claim it will completely replace the laptop eventually but right now it is very close.

Ridiculopathy and the web

Not to be confused with Radiculopathy; Ridiculopathy is “The state or chronic condition of being pathologically ridiculous” according to Urban Dictionary. After reading this article I think the article and its author can be labeled as this state.

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Fwd: IBM’s mobile strategy: Anybody but HP or Microsoft

“But the format is a potentially a substitute for the PC in many cases. I’ve talked to CIOs who think they might be able to replace 20 percent of laptops with tablets over the next few years. So the hierarchy of Windows and Office that we accept as our environment will change,” he says. – Kevin Cavanaugh

IBM’s mobile strategy: Anybody but HP or Microsoft | The Industry Standard – InfoWorld.

Twenty years of Lotus and Microsoft

Maybe add one to two years to that title for Microsoft but I don’t really count the DOS days – especially coming from a Commodore family. To go along with all of the other radical  zones being declared (link1, link2, link3) I figured I would throw my two cents.

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Does experience matter? Not according to Google!

According to LinkedIn and their new cool company statistics feature you can get some pretty interesting information from their site. The charts below show Google favors the 5-15 years of experience worker with the more experienced crowd and the young crowd trailing behind by almost 10% each. There are some obvious other conclusions you can make from these charts, I just wonder how valid the data is.

IBM Experience by Years

Microsoft Experience by Years

Facebook Experience by Years

Google Experience by Years

Attachment Viewer 2.0 beta – MS Office Support!

I need some help testing this out. After playing around a little bit with C# and the MS Office integration API’s I was able to compile an executable that calls out to MS Office to show Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. The architecture is pretty straightforward, the attachment viewer calls out to an executable to have the file converted to HTML and then the document is shown in an iframe in the viewer. I have seen some minor issues and thankfully no crashes.

This version is also Dojo enabled and currently needs to have internet access in order for it to work since I pull Dojo 1.5 from the Google CDN. You will notice the Dojo toolbar and the different view modes – Film Strip, Slide Show, Thumbnails:


Installation Instructions:

  • If you have a 1.0 version of the attachment viewer installed, please make sure you uninstall it first.
  • Once you have the older version installed you can drap and drop the icon below to your My Widgets panel to have the new Eclipse plugins installed.

Drag this to My Widgets in Lotus Notes

  • You may also need to set the preference for the viewer under File | Preferences:

Once I get some good feedback I will be posting the binaries and sources to the OpenNTF project.

Some known issues:

  • The thumbnail view does not show the last image as a thumb
  • Sometimes the MS Office link is broken, a restart or shutting down MS Office may be needed.

In advance, thanks for all of your feedback and interest in this project!

QuickTip Video: Convert Microsft Documents To Symphony in seconds!

This quick tip shows how you can convert Microsoft Office files with just two clicks to Lotus Symphony Open Document Format. You can also rate this video on the Lotus Symphony Wiki.

Get rid of Microsoft Office today!

Had to pass this on because its just to great not to. Of course it has been out since June but I did not know it until I saw Dave Hay’s post on PlanetLotus -> see here.  Once again another kudos to the Eclipse

The link Dave points to is the Symphony site where you can download the plugin.

Microsoft versus Lotus – a nice site to check out

Tonight I am checking out a discussion on LinkedIn and this site was posted in one of the responses.  The site is in Dutch but you can get the main idea using Google Translate.  The author has some pretty good and in depth analysis on the two companies and their social software and collaboration capabilities and has been blogging about it for a while.

Personally I see more opportunities for IBMs strategy.

Where a pure Exchange messaging product, Lotus Domino is a complete application platform. Hoewel er heel wat bedrijven zijn die slechts de mailfunctionaliteit van Lotus Domino gebruiken, blijft het feit staan dat ze daarmee een product hebben waarmee indien goed gebruikt men de productiviteit van de medewerkers flink kan verhogen zonder dat dit geld voor extra licenties hoeft te kosten. Although there are many companies that only the email functionality of Lotus Domino using ICT, the fact that they are thus a product that when used properly the productivity of employees can increase substantially without any money for additional licenses inexpensive.

I can not do this site justice  – you will need to check it out yourself.

In English using Google Translate.

Did Microsoft just derail Google?

I am pretty sure most, if not all, of the readers of this blog have read about or have seen Microsoft Docs and how it integrates with Facebook.  There was another article on ZDNet that asked this same question “Is Microsoft Docs really a ‘Google Docs killer’ and four other questions (and answers)“.

I think this is a great play for Microsoft because Facebook is so damn popular right now; they are going to hit a ton of young and old users right out of the gate.  A key line from the ZDNet article is this:

“Those documents will always have the polish and finish of Office as they move easily from the cloud to the desktop to a mobile device and back. No one else provides this type of seamless experience across the PC, mobile phone and browser.”

The challenge I think is, are people really going to use this on Facebook?  I do not know many people who are using Facebook for actual business data.  I can see this as a play for Microsoft’s future – ie. get our kids hooked on MS Office so they are trained for it when they hit the business world.  And when they hit the business world they will just expect a “seamless experience across the PC, mobile phone and browser”.