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Video sees results with Metail


Since my last post about Metail the primary question I have received is “does Metail help with our key performance indicators or KPI’s?”. In other words, does it keep people shopping, raise conversion rates, contribute to additional sales, etc.

Metail’s solution is a sub 1 minute process and involves taking high quality photographs of garments from 8 specific angles to then construct a 3D model of the garment.

Well, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Adeyoola, CEO of Metail, and he and his team were kind enough to share some results that (All about Fashion) has seen since their launch. All about Fashion launched in October 2015 with Metail available from day one.  Within a period of 6 weeks, Metail has already demonstrated that customers who used Metail spent more time on the website, came back to the site more often, and ultimately purchased more.

Check out some of the statistics they sent me:

Customer engagement & retention

– Metail users spent 4x longer on than non-Metail users
– Metail users tried on 3 items per session on average
– Metail users were 2x more likely to revisit

Revenue impact

– Metail users accounted for 23% of total sales
– Metail users had a 6.6x higher conversion rate
– Metail users had a 8.6x higher RPV  (Revenue Per Visitor)

Even though these are very early statistics giving it has been live for less than two months, this is very encouraging. Check out and let me know your opinion.

Video: Metail is the new way to do online retail

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This video is about the Metail solution and I demonstrate how your Metail account can be used across multiple stores for getting a visual for how the clothes will look on you. The really cool aspect of Metail being a Software As A Service (SaaS) is that as more and more sites get on board with Metail a persons model can follow them. Watch the video and see how easy it is to visualize the clothing across multiple site.


And if you thought that was cool, check out Metail on mobile in the video below: