Book Review: The New Rules of Marketing and PR

I tweeted about this book a couple of times while listening to it because the one liners inspired me to share immediately. I usually wait until I am completely done with a book before I even mention it just because I am never sure how good it will be by the end. This book, from the start, was perfectly on topic, great tips, and does a amazing job explaining this new era of marketing and PR. Even going pretty deep in explaining the success of Trump and his tweets. Controversial or not, social media gives the individual more power than any time before in our history. Thought leaders, writers, and video blogging has empowered an entire generation of kids to learn how to make a lot of money just being themselves and doing what they like. It’s the new dream , the “I want to be a baseball player when I grow up” terms used by my generation – now it’s “I want to be a YouTube star” or have my own “show“. I highly recommend to any company that is looking to grow a solid customer base, become involved with those customers, become a trusted advisor, and engage with them like never before – this is the book for you.



IBM’s new THINK Marketing site and news letter launches

Want to stay in tune with todays best marketing minds? Then you should visit IBM’s new THINK Marketing site and subscribe to its news letter to receive fresh thinking from the worlds greatest marketing minds. The site is highly visual, responsive and pretty cool to navigate. The site also has a Trending page to see what is most popular at that moment.  And don’t forget to follow #THINKmarketing on Twitter!

THINK Marketing



Webinar: 5 Tips Web Merchants Can Use To Drive Conversions

Bloomreach, a certified IBM partner, will be hosting a webinar on December 9th at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific) titled “5 Tips Web Merchants Can Use To Drive Conversions”.

Click here to register today!




Adobe, Coremedia, and WebSphere Commerce

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.37.32 PM

Ever since Adobe and IBM announced their partnership, many have been asking “well which CMS should I pick?”. I am not going to cover Portal or WebSphere Content Management in this post, I am just going to stick with the partner solutions Adobe and Coremedia, so that will have to be for another day.

Now of course this is just my opinion and others may have a different opinion but this is in the world according to Bob.

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Every eCommerce site should have this one simple feature

I really don’t see this often and I have written here about being notified when inventory on a specific product is available for purchase. Well, today I saw an advertisement on Facebook (these guys are getting good) and decided to click on it. Unfortunately when I attempted to order the Marines Exclusive Under Armour MARINES Performance Tee it was not available. A side bar then popped up stating “Email When Available“, I clicked on it and got the dialog below. Well done MarineCorpsDirect, well done. Now let’s see how long it takes for me to get one…


The next big thing in customer loyalty is…

shirt-embeddedI don’t often blog more than once a day, even write during the day for that matter but during lunch today I read this article and it got me thinking this really could be the next big thing in retail. Granted the article is for better health but how about this…

Today we see technologies that track you in the store based on your mobile phone or an application on the phone and even send coupons or offers to you. Well imagine this, retailers offer an automatic 10% off all their merchandise if you are “wearing their clothes or accessories“. Embedded technology in wearable gear and clothes will certainly spark many retailers to “reward” customers in the store that are wearing those clothes.

This means you don’t have to install an application, check into a store, or even have your phone on you (yeah, that’s kind of funny I know), to receive a loyalty discount. And talk about promoting loyalty – “just wear our clothes in our store and we will reward you at the register“.


A great advertisement example!

How cool is this? I went on to the New York Times site and Ralph Lauren has a very cool multi-place advertisement for their The Dog Walk campaign that is a seamlessly connected video. The video is blurry because I didn’t want a massive file but I think you will get the picture.

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What do you think of cinematic merchandising?

A colleague pointed me to this site (thanks Zach). I think this is the future of marketing on eCommerce sites. Well done Mack Weldon!

What do you think?


The insanity of the Marketing Technology landscape!

A very interesting graphic from LUMA Partners (LUMAscape) was recently published. You will notice pretty much all of IBM’s recent acquisitions (in the last 3 or so years) are on this graphic. This is in my opinion a validation of the IBM’s Smarter Commerce strategy as their products become more and more integrated. Having a single company with best of breed technologies integrated and supported by one company makes this landscape a bit more consumable and less daunting.

Many of IBM’s products will be showcased at the two Smarter Commerce Summits being held in Nashville and Monaco, make sure you get there and learn why IBM is the leader in this space!


Story boarding your customer interactions with WebSphere Commerce

I started creating a presentation to show to a customer about the journey map a customer has while dealing with your web site and/or mobile device. I wanted to show this in a unique way and have it be in the context of the presentation which was precision marketing using out of the box WebSphere Commerce. Precision marketing is essentially putting forth offers and dialog to the customers that are relevant to them – either through segmentation, online behavior, or purchasing behavior. Then it hit me, the business user tooling in WebSphere Commerce reads like a book and the flow is right in front of your face! So I created a slide that simply showed a customers journey on the site and what offers are sent to them from certain events. There are many combinations I could do but hopefully you get the point with the set I have here.

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