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Resources for AD201 – How the Jedi’s Do Plug-in Development

As promised, here is the list of resources referenced for the AD201 Lotusphere session.

You can drag and drop the following links to your My Widgets panel in the Notes client:

Attachment Viewer Widget

Mail Rules Widget

Multiple Database Search Widget

Referenced Project links:

Lotusphere: Meet the developers lab!

Every year I am surprised by how many people that do not know about the Meet the Developers Lab at Lotusphere. This year  it is in the Dolphin, Asia 1 and 2. Usually the rooms right next to the escalator down to the product show case. If you have any level of technical questions that are not clear or answered in a session then this is the place to go!

I will also be in the lab at designated times, see below. If you want to know the schedule of a speaker for lab time then you can simply ask the podium at the front of Asia 1 to print it out for you. This way you can visit the developer you want to see on your time.

Here is my schedule:

Mon 11:00 – 12:00
Mon 05:00 – 6:00
Tue 11:00 – 12:00
Tue 01:00 – 5:00
Wed 11:00 – 1:00
Wed 02:00 – 5:00
Thu 09:30 – 11:00

Getting the most from the Notes Java UI API’s

If you are doing any plugin development for Lotus Notes then you need to check out the OpenNTF project Java UI API Exerciser. The project is a pretty good reference and usage of the Java API’s we will be talking about at Lotusphere. The tool can also be used to inspect documents, views, etc and the different properties each of them have in the Eclipse world.

Lord of the JavaScript frameworks, one framework to rule them all…

(in a slow deep voice) In a time of web 2.0, css3, and JavaScript, the average programmer is challenged to learn many technologies and patterns. The tide has turned and the world is changing, the inevitable is near. Websites across Middle Earth suffer from cross browser and web 2.0 compatibility. Somewhere, in the dark shadows of the web, a JavaScript framework was born. One framework to rule them all….Dojo. It wants to be found…

Ok, now back to reality.  And yes, I watched the extended version of Lord Of the Rings tonight.

So, I thought it fitting to give a Lotusphere update on the plugin development sessions I mentioned earlier. One of the projects I will be referencing is the Attachment Viewer project on OpenNTF. This is a slightly different kind of plugin, in that the content is embedded HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The viewer actually uses the embedded web container from Lotus Expeditor – which is included in Lotus Notes 8.0 and above.

I have just finished the “Ultimate Attachment Viewer” implementation for OpenNTF. Since the default browser on Windows in Lotus Notes uses Internet Explorer I had to rely on Dojo in many areas for the different views. I will be posting the updated viewer on OpenNTF within the next week or so, so stay tuned. The primary additions are the new Dojo toolbar and the three view modes: Film Strip, Slide Show and Thumbnails.

Click on picture to see full

Plugin Development at Lotusphere

If you have any interest in Eclipse, Java, or plugin development then don’t miss these sessions at Lotusphere 2011!

JMP103 – Jumpstart Your “Jedi Plug-in Development Skills” with the Masters

AD102 – Hacking IBM Lotus Designer (Gently)

AD201 – How the Jedis Do Plug-in Development

BP203 – Leveraging the New Java APIs in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1 and 8.5.2

BOF103 – Let’s Talk Plugin Development!

Let me know if I missed any sessions that will be touching Eclipse or plugin development.

Two more weeks of Lotus VideoFest!

Create, watch, or rate! Only two more weeks to participate in VideoFest!

There are a lot of great videos to get educated with, check them out.

Web applications in a rich world

I use a lot of web based applications and I am seeing more and more richness to these applications as time goes on.  I have also been playing heavily in Dojo, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and a little bit of JQuery.  I have written about things like the BrowserFunction in Eclipse before and as we come closer to Lotusphere you will be hearing more about this area.  Just like you can now have XPage components in the Lotus Notes client, you can also do the same thing with basic HTML or even JSP’s in the Lotus Notes client because it contains the Lotus Expeditor web container under the covers.

I am seeing first hand that web based UI’s can integrate and play in the Notes client – soon, and end user won’t be able to tell if something is written in SWT or HTML.  Lately I have been playing with CSS layouts and menus.  Some browsers still have a ways to catch up but for the most part the stuff works great and is dead simple to code.  When I start seeing these kinds of things and really processing it, it makes me thing Google Chrome’s Operating System may play a major role going forward.  In short, if you aren’t coding to CSS3, Dojo or JQuery you may be left in the dust!

If you had to choose, which one would you prefer?  CSS, Dojo or JQuery?

There is definitely a lot of competition in this space and I actually think a lot of it is complimented between the players (CSS versus JS frameworks).

In the end, I think there will still be a heavy mix of JavaScript and CSS.

What do you want to know about plugin development?

Now that we are in for Lotusphere 2011,  we are deciding which topics to include in the plugin Jumpstart and the session during the week.  If you plan on attending either of these and want to provide input to the session please feel free to post your suggestions here!  We have a good set of things we want to cover but its always good to hear what is in demand from the community.

Don’t be shy, email me or post a response here. 🙂

Thanks for all feedback and we hope you take time out of your busy Lotusphere schedule to learn about plugin development!