Eclipse won the InfoWorld’s 2010 Technology of the year award!

This is great news!  As Lotus Notes, Sametime, Domino Designer, and Lotus Expeditor are all based on Eclipse, not too mention all of the Rational tools and many more products, it is great to see Eclipse being recognized like this.  They don’t really mention the fact that many of the IBM installed client portfolio is based on Eclipse, and they seem to focus on tooling.


Digging into E4 and the new XWT

In case you missed this article that was authored by Yi Ming Huang a few days ago, here it is!  It is a great intro to the E4 platform and the new declarative XWT (XML Window Toolkit) programming model.  The article walks you through creating your first UI based on XWT.  I think this stuff is very important to Lotus Notes and Expeditor customers as we see more and more web technologies get into the Lotus Platform.

There is also the e4 white paper you should definitely read if you have not already.


The e4 project is the next generation of Eclipse. e4 will provide a platform for pervasive component-based applications and tools. In this article, learn about some of the new features in e4, such as XWT and declarative styling. XWT is a new toolkit for defining the structure of SWT/JFace applications declaratively in XML, while leaving the business logic in Java™ code. It can separate the model and representation while saving much of the layout and UI-related code originally developed for your SWT/JFace application. An example application walks you through the XWT interface and data-binding feature. [read more]

Why you don’t have to suck at Eclipse plugins…

My friend and former colleague Juan R. Rodriguez from Everclear Technologies Inc. is offering a 4 day workshop on developing plugins and composite applications for Expeditor 6.2 – which is what Lotus Notes 8.5 is based on.  You can check out the agenda and labs below – you will get a very wide breath of coverage in the Eclipse and Expeditor platform with the principles of componentation and composites applied.  So if you want to impress Nathan or get hired by his team you might want to check out this workshop.

Workshop agenda

  • Workshop Overview
  • Composite Applications
  • OSGi Overview and Architecture
  • Eclipse architecture and the plug-in model, fragments and features, IDE and wizards
  • Expeditor Toolkit and Client for Desktops
  • Creating a Composite Application
  • Eclipse component development – SWT/JFace
  • Component collaboration with Property Broker
  • Fragments
  • Creating Features and Eclipse Update Site
  • Composite Application Editor
  • Integrating existing applications as components
  • Integrating browsers as components to access web applications
  • Browser container components with collaboration
  • Eclipse MVC Programming Design Pattern
  • OSGi and the Event Admin Service
  • Branding applications
  • Personalities
  • Extending the default personality
  • Preferences
  • Integrating AWT/Swing applications
  • Q & A

Workshop hands-on sessions

This hands-on workshop includes the following lab sessions to illustrate how to develop eclipse components and understand what tools can be used to build composite applications:

  • Lab 1 – Hello World and building a composite application
  • Lab 2 – Develop eclipse components using Eclipse IDE
  • Lab 3 – Component collaboration with Property Broker
  • Lab 4 – Creating Fragments
  • Lab 5 – Publishing an Eclipse Update Site
  • Lab 6 – Using the Composite Application Editor
  • Lab 7 – Integrating documents
  • Lab 8 – Integrating web browsers as components
  • Lab 9 – Web browser container
  • Lab 10 – Eclipse MVC Programming
  • Lab 11 – Cooperating components using OSGi Event Admin
  • Lab 12 – Branding your application
  • Lab 13 – Personalities
  • Lab 14 – Extending the default personality
  • Lab 15 – Using eclipse preferences in composite applications

Improve Productivity and Save Costs with IBM Lotus Expeditor Webinar

Another webinar for Lotus Expeditor, sign up and learn about the platform under Lotus Notes 8.

Dear Valued IBM Customer,

Please accept my personal invitation to the ‘Improve Productivity and Save Costs with IBM Lotus Expeditor’ Webcast on Wednesday, May 27, 2009.

In today’s challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever that your technology works for you. IBM Lotus Expeditor software, IBM’s Universal Managed Client for Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), enables your enterprise to maximize resources while minimizing costs by allowing you to re-use code across various Line of Business (LOB) applications.

Come hear first hand from Taco Bell CIO, Charles Lee, on why his business chose Lotus Expeditor to modernize their infrastructure of over 5,400 U.S. restaurants and how they are benefiting from their decision. We’ll also share additional customer ROI examples as well as our future product roadmap, straight from the Development Team. And, be sure to bring your questions for live Q&A with our distinguished panel of guests:

– Charles Lee, CIO, Taco Bell Restaurants
– David Wine, Director IT, Taco Bell Restaurants
– Tom Wroblewski, VP, Lotus Sales, IBM Americas
– Rich Meadows, Sales Leader, IBM Client Services SW
– Angus McIntyre, Product Mgr, IBM Lotus Expeditor
– Steven King, Sr Prgrm Mgr, IBM Client Platforms & Tech
– Jim Robbins, Sr Tech Staff, IBM Client Platforms & Tech

Register Today:

– Webcast: Improve Productivity and Save Costs with IBM Lotus Expeditor
– Date & Time: May 27, 2009; 12:00 – 1:00pm EST
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You won’t want to miss it!