Registering a new page layout in Aurora

Page layouts are arguably one of the best features to be introduced into WebSphere Commerce. They allow the marketing staff to quickly change or schedule the layout for page types or the entire site with a few basic steps. What has to be done today is a developer has to create the page layout first – which will not be the case in a future release (more to come on that later). So what are the steps and skills needed to create a new template? The good news is the code is extremely well structured and easy to follow. If this is all new to you, you should check out this PDF to learn about layouts and widgets.┬áThe Aurora store provides modular UI widgets that can be plugged into store pages. These UI widgets are independent, self-contained entities (IEA).

A page layout is a store page created for a particular layout type such as a category page, product page, or home page. A page layout has widgets associated with it and each widget has a set of configurable properties that can be provided to allow finer configuration of the widget in a layout. – IEA

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