Companies are demanding SaaS like deployments, internally

If you are a large Fortune 500 company you have most likely invested billions in data centers, fail over, and your application deployment process. Long before things like Docker and containers, these companies hired top technical talent to make sure their applications scale and run smoothly. Then came DevOps and the race to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery(CI/CD) began.

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Easily deploy WebSphere Commerce v9 with IBM Cloud Private

Don’t have the skills to deploy and manage containerized applications in your data centers? Then you should take a look at IBM Cloud Private. With IBM Cloud Private or ICP, you can quickly deploy WebSphere Commerce v9 and immediately take advantage of containerization without being an expert in technology like Kubernetes, K8, or Vault.

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Video: Docker orchestration with Kubernetes on IBM Power

This is the second video in this series, again, not a fan of the automated voice over but does a great job showing how Kubernetes works.